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  • Why don't other MMOs do what mabinogi does?

    in FFXIV you don't really switch between classes, you just have like 20 characters that all look and share the same name and character slot, and you don't need to log out to switch between them, it's really more of a disadvantage since you have to share inventory space for all your characters.

    but that's a good thing, because requiring you to grind every life skill and related stat increasing skill to have an endgame character is stupid

    in fact the whole sandboxy design limits the game a lot since you can't really expect the devs to adjust the difficulty for a player minmaxing to a player just ranking up any skill they can, and the game does absolutely nothing to tell them to not rank up any skill they can
  • Dont Put this anymore here PLEASE!

    lock a cool achievement, some special fashion item, a cool pet, a piece of equipment, increasingly rewarding quests, that kind of "it's nice so i'll try to get it" thing, behind a difficult task? sure

    that's a lot different from blocking something basic like a skill behind hours of tedious questing which involve mostly just talking to npcs and running around, sometimes maybe killing one or two basic dudes and a pushover boss

    with your logic you might as well lock the account registration page behind a cryptic RNG based ARG where you have to follow specific tasks and find clues in the internets so you can brag about the fact that you have a nexon account, anything easier would be children's play what's this with noobs wanting everything easier
  • Why don't other MMOs do what mabinogi does?

    because you're not 13 anymore and won't associate those newer games with childhood memories, that's why no game does what mabi does to you or ever will
  • Dont Put this anymore here PLEASE!

    maybe having easy access to the skills could make the game approcheable since you still need to work hard on your stats and equipment anyway, so why not let everyone be able to play the game to know if they like playing the game?

    it might sound crazy to you but if a game locks the content behind tedious questlines games tend to die... lolbattleborn

    and don't even bring the "new players want spoonfed waah millenials ruin everything waah", back in the day grinding for 8hr a day every day as a baseline requeriment for videogames just locked a lot of people out from playing the stupid thing in the first place, it's a bad argument

    also lol, harder to get, no it's not hard, it's tedious
  • Severing Ties

    Gaea wrote: »
    Severing ties my -naughty word-