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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    By the way, Vima:

    I'm going to let you know that I also find it troublesome that there are people who actually would rather say it's your fault bad things happened to you as a result of something someone else did in response to something you said or did.
    I'm no longer of the type that thinks anyone "deserves" bad things to happen to them as an act of moral retribution, especially just because they said something someone didn't like.
    I don't think anyone throwing stones at you has a clean slate, either. I don't get why people put themselves on such a high moral pedestal. You may indeed have a pretty bad past. You may have hurt some people in your own indignant quest for moral retribution as well. But, I don't see how this justifies anyone doing the exact same thing as you, but against you. It's only okay if they do it, I suppose, as evil people don't ever think they're being evil. There's always some reason why they're special.

    So, my advice to you -- and to everyone -- in addition to the above post is to stop seeking retribution. It's not your place to punish people for things they do, either. Don't just sit back and do nothing; don't start a morality war, either. This is a video game. This isn't a grounds to try and shape a new society separate from reality and nor is it a place to try and impose one's own moral philosophy on others. Just play the game and focus on the game and your conflicts will decline, I promise.
  • Join the Soul Streamers!

    Dude, you keep saying "you do you" and pretending to not have a problem with the dissent while at the same time actively sitting here White-Knighting for Nexon and arguing against us. I know your guild has some people with connections to Nexon in it, so I'm well aware of your bias and it explains why what you're doing makes no sense. We understand the rules just fine. We just don't like them. So, please don't insult our intelligence like this.
    We're not living a Communistic utopia. This is clearly a one-sided deal. I'm not the only one seeing it. These are quite a lot of restrictions to place on people you need help from if the game really is in that bad of a shape. I don't see why this has to be difficult.
    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    If you're as successful as Nexon wants you to be you'd probably be making more than what Nexon NA is offering with fewer stipulations. Additionally, viewers are highly attuned to spotting shilling so more often than not the streamer is better off speaking freely.

    Plus, what Helsa pointed out also heavily affected my perspective. I'm instead making the effort to try to reason with them through this instead of outright rejecting the offer, not that I think Helsa walking away is a bad move in the first place.
  • Join the Soul Streamers!

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    They are technically not asking us to work for them but they are essentially trying to nab advertising for the cost of peanuts.
    I'm all for efficiency. But, my time and energy aren't free. the same time if you love this game and want it to survive I would support it.
    False premise assuming I don't support the game. I'm already giving publicity to Mabinogi as it is, despite the everyday nonsense I see happening in-game and out-of-game. I really like the game that much. But, don't get it twisted: it won't be my fault if the game goes under, whether I do this or not. Mabinogi's survival isn't my responsibility. I'm not a tool to be used to sustain it, either. This is going to be a "mutual benefit" thing, or I'm out.
    They are just trying to provide some incentive to do so. I don't know if you have noticed but a lot of people have been quitting in the past month or so. We need to try and replenish the populations.
    I don't know what the incentive is. That's my whole thing, here. What are we getting for all this time investment into sustaining publicity?
    I don't mind promoting Mabinogi at all. But, if I have to suddenly find myself restricted in how I do things, we have a problem.
    As it seems right now: I'd be doing more work than I personally deem necessary to promote a company and its associates I know little about on a personal level, whom I lean towards distrusting, whom hasn't shown me the same level of dedication I've shown to the game as a player, and also asks me to curtail some freedoms I enjoy for their sake in exchange for, what, exactly? As I see it: nothing. I'm not going to do this job -- it's a job, call it what you want -- if the pay isn't tasteful.

    EDIT: No. I don't pay attention to what pretty much anyone does anymore. I just play the game. Feel free to message me some names you'd think I may have picked up in my journey across Erinn. But, people quit for many reasons. Some of them I find dumb, anyway, and tell me they weren't meant to be here long at any rate. I'm not worried.
  • Join the Soul Streamers!

    My question is: What are the benefits to this?
    I (as a streamer) being asked to give up a lot of freedom in exchange for, what, exactly?
    Don't just put out the ideas and rules of being a pawn in this game of information and influence to us and don't explain our benefits and incentive.

    You're essentially asking us to work for you. I play Mabinogi for fun and I stream to show people what I've learned and how I do things in content. I don't do it for followers. I don't do it for Nexon. I don't do it for fame or money. I just like to play. So, if you're going to ask me to change that, I'd at least want to know the whole trade-off to having to change my entire paradigm -- the Rules indicate this, no doubt -- surrounding how I regard Nexon, the community, and the game itself in both criticism and praise alike.
  • How is the state of this game?

    State of the game? Too vague to answer. Don't know what you're actually wanting to know.
    All I can say is just login and play. If you're here for Mabinogi and to play Mabinogi, then the game is doing fine aside from the obvious problems.
    At the time I left I had 6M in the bank and that was considered rich. Now I doubt I can buy anything haha.
    Do content and you'll be fine.