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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Who is Zarozian?

    Crimsọn wrote: »

    Just some Warframe nerd that vomits out Warframe garbage every chance he gets. He' longer around and hasn't been for a while, but we remember him. We can't really talk about other players like that in here though because he is a little infamous and this thread is just flamebait. :joy:


    9 - Z
    2 - a
    7 - r
    6 - o
    9 - z
    4 - i
    2 - a
    6 - n

    It's him, attention seeking. You gotta sharpen up , Crims. :joy:
  • A disturbing trend that needs to change

    LovePanda wrote: »
    Actually, harassment is in fact against the TOS and no they do not do anything about it. I for one have taken video of others being harassed and reported sending in the video and not a thing was done. So yes nexon needs to step up and follow their own rules.

    Harassment in itself is a very vague thing and I doubt either you or myself can define it outside of legalities, because it is now subjective to the person's mental abilities. The definition in modern 2021 society has been so diluted, that people think getting a note from someone saying something mean to them is harassment.

    The extra issue is that this is the Internet, where you have a lot of control over who interacts with you and how often. It's different from reality, because you have block features and you can literally just poof to another realm or place -- or shut off the monitor.
    Harassment is vague and watered-down as a concept thanks to many people who don't have the basic ability to ignore things and move on, and that's why it's difficult to nail companies to the wall over it.

    Taking a screenshot of someone talking to you in ways you don't like is not alone evidence of harassment. Evidence of harassment would fall into something like a long log of continuous chat texts constantly insulting you and making fun of you about something -- more evident if among those insults exists a line from you telling them to stop and go away.

    Even then, you can solve that issue alone by just blocking them. And if they note you, don't read the notes. If they request to add you and you've never met them before, don't add them. These are basic precautions that should be taken by people who are not naive to the idea that humans can indeed be terrible human beings; expecting people not to do these things opens you up to this exact problem. Vima is a great example of this kind of person who will not take personal responsibility in filtering out people who follow certain patterns of behavior. Additionally, Vima throws punches from time to time, and it is not harassment when you yourself went out throwing punches and just happened to get your nose broken.
  • A disturbing trend that needs to change

    Omg, Vima. Stop it. We talked about this.

    Stop trusting people to tell you what your items are worth and stop trying to be the community police if you don't know what you're getting yourself into. Liars and sociopaths exist and they will try to destroy you if you become a problem for them. This is a fact of life. Accept it and prepare yourself or stop pursuing this and focus on the game as I told you before. If you cannot present evidence for your claims, then do not make the claims. That is called "slander" and people don't like that.

    I want to be on your side, but you're making it very difficult by disingenuously pretending you have not put yourself into terrible situations to be exploited. It is not Nexon's job to make the community behave in ways you want it to. Nexon is not our mommy or daddy and they are not gods that can ultimately eradicate evil. Look out for yourself and stop expecting everyone else to do it for you. Nexon does have a job in banning those that violate ToS, but they are not your or anyone else's personal morality police (and that criticism is aimed towards them as well to stop trying to be gods to us and focus on improving the game, not promoting ideological dogma).
  • Is Mabi even worth coming back to?

    Owntrolf wrote: »
    to talk to people sure, but the deeper you get in the game the more it drives you away due to being unrewarding

    Yuiko, please. :joy:
    You know darn well that they're updating the dungeon loot RNG. Stop it. :joy:

    Hey. If you're here to play Mabinogi, then come play Mabinogi. Stay up to date on news, check around Reddit (I only recommend it for news, not information as many of them don't actually play the game) and the various discord servers for news regarding future content. Explore the game and find different things. There's over a decade worth of content in the game. Finding things to do should not be difficult if you're putting in genuine effort.

    If you're just trying to rush to glory, then you're probably going to suffer, yes. The game rewards patience and diligence. If you don't want to try out the various talents, expand your repertoire, develop efficient ways to grind, or just generally enjoy the journey, then you're going to be disappointed. The game has many faults. The game could use improvements. But, they've started actually addressing some of these issues and they're doing many things.

    I personally have had no issues with Mabinogi since day 1. There's been enough QoL changes and content updates to keep me interested since my return in 2016. The Devs seem to be paying attention to our conversations, now. All I can say is that Mabinogi is an old game and expecting 2021-tier performance or gameplay is beyond extreme. The game is a relic.

    So, if you want to come back, then do so. But, this is your Fantasy Life. Okay? That means no one else is going to tell you how to live that Fantasy Life or hand hold you the entire way. You have to find your own idea of fun in this game, as you would do in reality. That also conclusively means that this thread is basically pointless. You have to decide. :)
  • KR Update List

    I hadn't seen some of this.

    It's almost as if they took feedback from some of us as well as the KR populace. I mean, the suggested changes fit well within some of the (reasonable) requests posted in the Feedback Forum as well as the discussions had in General Chat.

    A lot of this stuff went forgotten, like Taillteann farms and I'm actually surprised to see they fell back to these lost concepts and decided to turn them into something more modernized. Yes, there's so many things this game has to offer and it's a shame that previous Devs/Directors basically just did not bother doing anything more than minimum needed to get profit. The radical ideas from some of the community did not help things, let's be clear. But, this is a fantastic change for the better when reasonable ideas win out and the game can prosper again, breathing life into it and naturally attracting attention in its own way.

    I'm very happy with the current path and I want to see more and I hope I can do my part to help, even if that's just doing what I normally do as an everyday, smart-mouthed critic.