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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    Helsa wrote: »
    We now know that Nexon will merge if conditions are met. Alexina is moving to those conditions. Therefore a merge is inevitable.

    No, we don't. Still no evidence shown. Repeating yourselves over and over isn't evidence, Helsa.

    The actual reasoning given by Staff was that they merged the original 3 to balance server population, not because servers were "dying." If the servers were "Dead," then there would be no/little net increase in overall population from the merge. This is just simple math at this point.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    To Helsa:
    Helsa wrote: »

    What? No, Helsa. I wasn't talking about you at all. You're not a brain-dead, mudslinging type of person. The people I believe have done this were addressed above you in that last response.

    I have a very favorable impression of you and it has only gone up since our conversation about inflation. You're probably the only person I've had the pleasure of disagreeing with in these forums, aside from Kensa. You've both handled it very well each time and it's been great talking to you. Don't ruin it and throw all of our previously great conversations away over one misunderstanding. This is exactly what they want. :joy:

    But, I did mean what I said about the dogmatism. It wasn't to insult you; it was to make a point that we're on a train headed for destruction and there is a strong cult-like mentality surrounding this idea of merging servers. I'm telling you this, ironically, because I think you're also bright enough to be able to break free of it. That's why I'm even talking to you. :joy:

    To: KelpSoda:
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    You strike me as far too intelligent a person to have done this by mistake.

    thats right my frendo :^)

    Stop feeding the flames. You're doing this on purpose to derail a thread and draw attention to yourself, as usual. You know I wasn't aiming that at Helsa nor intending to be disrespectful, but I know your groups thrive off of division. I want unity and I want discussion; there is no reason for you to be here doing this, unless you indeed don't want discussion to prevail.

    @The rest of my antagonists:
    People are creating offenses and intentionally misinterpreting things I say just so they don't have to actually argue what I say. This kind of proves that a lot of you -- aside from Helsa -- have just been lurking the dark, waiting for a slip-up on my end to latch on to so you can justify not having to address anything else I've ever said and divide the thread along tribal lines. Stop it; grow up. If you can't hold a civil conversation without throwing petty slaps or reputation attacks at people you disagree with, then you don't need to be involved. Take your overemotional neuroticism elsewhere, please. We're trying to solve a problem; you're not helping.

    Everyone, please don't let them divide us like this. I want to work with Alexina players and come up with solutions, but we have to be willing to self-reflect and realize what's been tried and what has failed. I want to help you all bring Alexina to life, but I can't do that if you insist on fighting me and imposing your ideas on people. I don't want to fight. I want to protect what I care about and I care a lot about Mabi. The server merge would destroy what I care about and I want to explore other solutions that don't involve repeating history until nothing is left to save.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    To Crimson:
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    I think Crimsys idea is that if the folks on Alexina, for now, play on Nao, that it would, in the short term lower activity on Alexina to the same critical situation that compelled Nexon to create Nao. With Alexina merged in then those Alexina folks could go then back to their main characters as the ex Tarlach/Ruairi/Mari folks did from Alexina back to Nao. It's basically a proactive collectivist bottom-up approach to forcing Nexon's hand.

    This, thank you.

    I don't have time or patience for nonsensical filibuster Sophie. It's exactly as Julie stated. I am not running away, I just choose not to engage you since it's pointless. I could humor you and tell you all the reasons why I think you are full of bs on each of your points but I rather not waste time and be more proactive.


    You see, this is why you're the one ironically full of crap, Crimson. You don't have time to have a conversation about the game, but crap-posting emotes and stirring up drama is way more productive? Okay. I don't like getting personal, but you keep taking our interactions in this direction, so here we go.

    Out of both of us, I'm the only one willing to have an actual conversation and work things out. You are running away and you're trying to frame it as if you're "taking a moral high road" while taking parting shots when all someone is doing is asking you to provide evidence for the claims you make. If you don't want to talk to me, that's fine. But, that's not on me. That's on you, Crimson. And you still haven't backed yourself up.

    You can throw all these politically-driven buzzwords around all you want, but the person unwilling to step into the intellectual boxing ring (after throwing the first punch of ideas) is always going to be by default declared the loser.

    To KelpSoda:
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    woah julie threads never disappoint, looks like someone in this thread needs to touch grass lol

    Unfortunately I got a DT very soon. I'm grouchy and suffering atm. :(

    dw you're not the thesaurus abuser that sounds like ben shapiro lol, your grass touching can wait fam

    Sorry that being intelligent offends you.

    I don't need a dictionary to have an extensive vocabulary. Reading a book -- especially a book on economics -- helped me out just fine and keeps me from spouting nonsense made up after only just reading a couple threads on Reddit and thinking that's enough to form an opinion on game direction. I'll take the comparison to successful, Ivy-League graduate, prominent business owner and talk show host, family-oriented, principle-grounded Ben Shapiro as a compliment. (How is it even an insult?)

    The funny part is that I don't even watch his shows.

    To Helsa:
    Helsa wrote: »
    If Nexon were to merge now, mechanically it would be identical to the one, as of this writing, nearly two years ago. But a merge now would come with additional policy issues, that were not present then. These have been discussed at length on these forums already but it centers on the additional problems created by the fact that paid name change is in effect on Alexina and Nao and the issues this raises with a merge. The argument against Crimsy's suggestion is that: if not forced, Alexina's active population will keep declining organically anyway, making a final merge inevitable. So, by not forcing it on Nexon early, it gives them time to prepare. How Nexon can prepare has also been discussed, at length, on these forums. On the other hand, in the last two years, Nexon has shown no movement to address this. Maybe their approach is like a middling-grade high-schooler who leaves working on their homework to the night before. If so, then it will be just as painful regardless of when it happens so, as Crimsy suggests, it might as well be earlier since that gives the community more time together before the game, one day, eventually shuts down for good.

    There's still no reason to keep presenting this dogmatic viewpoint that a merge is inevitable. Despite the low-brow, brain-dead efforts to turn this thread into a mudslinging contest, my point still stands. There's another solution to your problem that doesn't have to end with the destruction of the entire game and Nexon KR is currently implementing it. There's no reason why your server needs to die off or why our servers should be merged when we have a solution that would increase your server activity. You're not considering all options on the table; you guys are obsessing over your own preferred solution that has been illustrated to fail once before in the past in Mabi and also in many other games.

    You all seem to believe that if everyone just drank the kool-aid instead of just 3 servers this time, then we would all ascend to heaven and Mabinogi would become the Utopia of our dreams. No. The merge will not change nor solve your problem.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Oroshisama wrote: »
    I think it would be a pretty bad idea to just have everyone abandon Alexina like that.. Like I get where you're coming from buuuuut I doubt that would push it.. They really just don't seem to care.. and that would just leave Alexina dead forever. They probably just want everyone to eventually give up on Alexina and make Nao accounts anyways

    They do but they are not authorized to make that decision without the required data. Don't be so pessimistic. When the data clearly shows the death of a server then action will be taken.

    None of Tarlach, Mari, or Ruairi were "dead." Nothing you're saying has any substance, Crimson.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    I know there's no malice here, trust. But, my question is, how does not being on Alexina fix the issue of population? Why are we yet again repeating 2019? Abandon Alexina in protest of another merge, while complaining about dead servers? And what if Nao doesn't want a merge? Screw everyone else? Only what you want matters, once again?

    The dogma that a merge must and will happen on basis on no evidence nor official statement whatsoever is not convincing me; it's pushing me to believe that it's more of a selfish desire being presented as an absolute to coerce people into joining the merge cult, as if no other option exists. The approach doesn't have to be another merge, people. There's many other ways to handle this without destroying the last bit of the game we have left. Please, just stop and think for a second.

    Generally speaking, I also don't understand how shooting yourselves in the foot to get the bleeding to stop makes any reasonable sense. The logic is simple, but not sound. This is like watching children throw a tantrum and throw their toys out of the vehicle until the parents get them the shiny doll they want from the other kid. Now you have no toys and no shiny doll. And even if you got the doll, it's now all you have and the other kid hates you for it. Congratulations: you've made everyone more miserable.

    I also don't know why Alexina players are still making this a personal thing with Nexon, as if nobody else had to put up with being the underdog server for nearly a whole decade and as if Nexon made their players quit and move to Nao. It's not their fault, guys, and they're not obligated to fix what your old members broke. If they do merge, fine. Get ready to lose Mabinogi as a whole, because you couldn't be bothered to learn from the mistakes of other games and find solutions that didn't make more players quit the game as a result of "unforeseen problems" like inflation.

    EDIT: But, you know what? I'm at a point where I'm just tempted to let all of you destroy the community and just let Mabi's end come along. If the Devs are dumb enough to indulge your requests, then both they and we all deserve it. You won't learn.