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May 13, 2018
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  • A Fresh Memory Update Preview

    It's a literal (permanent) Master Plan event "rental" weapon arsenal combined with Nao's Blessing and EXP events rolled into free levels and a literal walkthrough of every talent's basics.

    Not only am I thoroughly impressed and grateful how there's now so much stuff in this game designed to help new players (Dungeon Guide, Master Plan Events, Training/Leveling Support Gacha/Packages, Duncan's free skill reset, Blaanid's Revamp), I am now actually more interested in finding out how people will still find a way to not be prepped for content or find something to complain about.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    I can't tell if Crimson is trolling or not, but this thread is hilarious.

    Kill your own server population out of protest for a merge, as if this isn't already why Alexina is already "dead" in addition to some of them moving to Nao.

    Okay, yeah. Do that. :joy: That'll encourage more people to join your server, for sure. :joy:
  • I Can't Believe I Put Time In To This Game

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    That's like going to a store with an expired coupon then going on a tirade in front of the cashier and demanding a supervisor.

    "Karen? Karen, please. Karen, just let it go. You can get another coupon, Karen. Why do you always do this..."

    In the beginning, there were 3 servers: [Tarlach], [Mari], and [Ruairi].
    The three servers bustled merrily and each had a relatively decent population.
    In 2011, a new server was created: [Alexina].
    The [Alexina] server drew wonder and amazement from people who wished to begin life anew as well as fresh players looking to become veterans in their own right.

    And so, players from the [Tarlach], [Mari], and [Ruairi] servers flocked to the new [Alexina] server and its congregated population became the highest of all three by a far margin, steadily growing as time went on as it was advertised as the newest server and its population did most of the talking. As a result, [Alexina]'s market maintained a higher level of demand, thus many players from the older servers would often crack jokes about the inflated prices on [Alexina]. Yet, people still enjoyed the activity.
    Time went on and the original three servers bled players and activity as [Alexina] grew more and more and took them all in. Still, many players remained on these servers and sought to maintain their current progress on their characters as well as to continue their legacies. After many years of repeat threads from all four servers suggesting server merges, a merge was announced for the servers of [Tarlach], [Mari], and [Ruairi] in the year of 2019.
    This outraged the [Alexina] server for many reasons, with some coherent and many not so much. And yet, the decision was explained as an attempt to maintain population equilibrium between the servers. Some were skeptical, more so coming from [Alexina] players. But, the decision was final and at face value seemed reasonable to many.

    And in June 2019, the merge became reality: the servers of [Ruairi], [Mari], and [Tarlach] became [Nao].

    The outraged [Alexina] players then repeated the history of 2011 and fled [Alexina] to join [Nao], draining the [Alexina] population and shifting the intended balance out of scope. Also in their rage, a flock of [Alexina] players took to the Forums and Official Discord Server to protest, spam, and even threaten in acts to voice their complaints; those that opposed their demands were deemed heretical and appeals were made to those with authority in favor of having such dissenters silenced or banned. The pushback from [Nao]'s residents included many common arguments: some malicious; many reasonable. But, many saw this as retribution for what [Alexina] residents did in 2011.
    ... Still, nothing changed and many of the fires were ironically extinguished by the same authority figures the mob sought to recruit.

    And so after a few bans, blocks, mutes, and kicks resulting from a lengthy Internet-based riot, a group of people from the [Alexina] server who still wished for the merge decided that they would cease activity in the game and thus reduce their population even further now to a point where [Alexina] is now a shell of its former glory. Yet, some still say [Alexina] is getting along well enough to not be a complete wasteland; none can say for certain.
    [Nao], however, has experienced it own tragedies. As a result of the merge, the original three servers experienced an economic change unlike that which they had ever seen. Many advocates of the merge of the three servers focused heavily on the appeal to population growth while ignoring the inherent risks of market adjustment out of optimism and selfishness. Despite the many warnings and lengthy discussions, they did not prepare themselves for the inevitable: inflation.

    The inflation took its toll and [Nao] also saw its population swiftly drop off barely six months after the merge occurred. Many people simply could not (or, would not) adapt to the changes and thus found themselves unable to reach their growth goals without doing harsher grinding sessions. The divide between power groups grew and the combined influence of inflation culture from [Alexina] migrants and natural market changes from [Nao]'s new population took its toll on the market, eventually pushing away more free-to-play players and bringing in more pay-friendly players.
    And so as it now stands, both servers face a crisis of inflation as well as population decline. Brilliantly enough, the developers and new director have decided to take steps to amend some of the problems in the markets. This is seen as a good move by many, as they seek to allow more access to content rewards and thus increase supply and thus reduce demand to mitigate inflation on all servers in all regions. The payoff theoretically would be an increase of population, as players would return with renewed hope in finally obtaining the things they've always wanted, but never could afford and never would grind to obtain.

    This story is still being written and I thank you for reading it. Chapter 8 of Mabinogi will soon make its entrance and we will see how it plays out.
  • I just found an abomination in Mab.

    I bought pineapple pizza two days ago and I'll do it again because you made this thread. LOL