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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Abyss dungeon expansion.

    I'm not interested in all the aesthetic parts in this, but I think you're on to something in the general concept of removing tedious hallways and sticking closer to the design schemes of Abyss dungeons and Phantasm.

    The KR director luckily has stated intentions to revamp dungeons in June, under pretense of getting more players to do Hard Mode dungeons other than Alby Adv Hard Mode (the only one worth doing on basis of chest-to-player ratio, acknowledged by both players and the devs). I don't know what they'll do in terms of reward pools, but they generally said they want to encourage players to be more active in dungeons. I'd guess that means taking a look at the reward pool.
  • Thank you for 13 Years of Mabinogi!

    Helsa wrote: »
    Don't forget the PvPers, Bards, Jousters, Mabinovel Authors, Crafters, Role-Players, Good Samaritans, Extreme Power AFKers, as well as the underage, according to the ToS, players, griefers, and stalkers; it's a big Mabinogi family! :)

    All these categories in both OP and this post and I can't figure out the one to which I belong.
  • For anyone on the fence about playing again

    This person does content. Welcome back.
  • Let's share and talk about recent email from Nexon

    Helsa wrote: »
    <checks again>

    Nope, still nothing for me. Clearly Nexon hates me; it must be why they left Alexina high-and-dry: just to get ME!!!!!

    Stop it, you. :joy:
    Nexon clearly doesn't mesh with some people in this community. This much is obvious to many.
    If they did fail to send some people a letter, some of us wouldn't be surprised or bothered and would assume it was because of negligence.

    inb4: Nexon introduces a Gacha with a specific theme of revenge/vengeance, as done with the mafia Gacha shortly after some claims about mafia-like behavior were aimed at them.
  • Let's share and talk about recent email from Nexon

    Hey, at least they like you enough to email you something like that.

    I could go die in a ditch for all they care. :joy:

    EDIT: I'd like to just clarify that I actually did get an email. Everything is fine. Have a look at my stats, since we're sharing:


    If anyone ever doubted that I do content, now you know. Momma does content. Lots of content. Total play/afk time spans 660 days worth of time spent in-game, over the course of 5 years being a part of this community. Guess that proves how I got so far without throwing cash at Nexon. :joy:

    EDIT 2: I decided to calculate my average time spent doing content, but it's only applicable to time spent on Mabi after the introduction of the P.E.T. Update.
    Sophigaiana is a Tuan and is my main pet to use in content. I use it in almost everything I do. Sophigaiana is clocked at 782 hours of time spent summoned, over a stretch of 8 months of playing Mabinogi, since the P.E.T. update (when I started using it). 8 months is roughly 240 days, meaning Sophigaiana has seen an average of use time equal to 782 hours / 240 days of playing. Conclusively, Sophigaiana has been summoned for an average of 3.25 hours per day.

    I decided to do this mathematical calculation, because there's a weird stigma in this community that discourages people from actually running content (as opposed to throwing large sums of cash into NX purchases) and shames those who do as people with "no life" or some such colloquial phrase. If anyone considers spending 3 or less hours per day of doing content "having no life," then feel free to do so. This edit serves to estimate exactly how much effort from me was actually spent on grinding through dungeons and missions; this is aimed at highlighting the disconnect between what people believe about those who get ahead and what is reality.