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May 13, 2018
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • More weapon variety, Less weapon-centric talents

    The point of talents is to specialize use in specific types of weapons; blending everything together into a giant, amoeba-like, interchangeable pool isn't a wise idea for "game balance." You have to maintain a weakness/strength concept between things, or the whole system is pointless since everything can do everything. With that said, however...
    Cho wrote: »
    Pierrot and Colossus marionettes could have different effects. Pierrot could have higher critical rate/damage for boss killing while Colossus could have significantly more AOE and defenses for mob killing.

    Logical suggestion. I'm not necessarily agreeing with the specific purposes presented; I'm agreeing with the general concept of the two puppets having different strengths and bonuses outside of one simply being a backup for the other.
    The Tower Cylinder was/is a great idea for a "two-handed greatsword" cylinder but setting it up takes too long and there are too many limitations where you can't set it up and what skills you can and can't use with it.

    Tower Cylinder is generally a turret cannon. It's not really a problem of the weapon in itself that most content requires a lot of travel. I don't really know how turret cannons can be brought into relevance, except in situations like the Golems of Abyssal Lord, even with damage and installation reworks. It's just generally not a common situation to need a turret cannon, when the lightweight version handles the job a lot better.

    But, I did meme with someone a long time ago about making Tower Cylinders into some kind of pet-oriented weapon, where you can attach it to Large-Sized pets like Ceraunus or Food Truck and use alchemy skills while mounted on the pets. We weren't being serious, but doesn't that sound like an interesting solution? Firing Water Cannons from your pet-turned-artillery-tank?
    The Hobnail knuckle and the Spiked knuckle have splash range and splash damage upgrades vs the Bear knuckle that only has damage upgrades. This could be a good secondary weapon to knuckles. Claws could be a subclass of knuckles that give higher splash damage at the cost of weapon or skill damage and allow normal windmill range or something.

    I see what you're getting at, but this will still be a pointless change. Knuckles are clearly not intended for AoE, unless you tryhard with Drop Kick and Focused Fist, which is more utility than damage. Chain Blade and 2H Final Hit/GFS are clearly the dominant AoE styles, so what purpose would those ideas serve outside of aesthetic or change for the sake of change? If you went further with it and added inherent splash damage/range and pierce so it could be used with Final Hit or Final Strike, you'd be on to something and yet it'd still fall short of 2H weapons like the Divine Blade. But, knuckle serves its purpose very well right now as a boss-destroyer, through Revenant/Perseus. You'd be hard-pressed to make an objective argument as to why it should also cover AoE.
  • Merge Alexina

    Helsa wrote: »
    The same could be said of the nay-sayers.
    I'm not sure what you're specifically referring to in my post. But, I'll warn you that Tu Quoque Fallacies ("You did it, too") in any context aren't going to be winning arguments for the merge to occur.
    Everyone has their reasons, everyone has their desires. It's yet another zero-sum situation thanks to Nexon.
    Oh, for sure. Nexon goofed. I'll always agree with you there.
    We keep bringing it up because it hasn't happened yet. The forums are for airing ideas about the game. That also means re-airing ideas and re-re-airing ideas. The idea somehow of weathering merge arguments and then never having to worry about them ever again is never gonna happen.

    Oh, for sure. I don't expect suggestions of merging to just stop, because people are going to continue to believe what they believe and some people don't pay attention enough to realize that it's been rehashed 1000 times.

    But, that's not what I was pointing out. I wasn't criticizing the repetition of the request; I was criticizing the belief in the repetition of the action. You see, there's nothing harmful in replaying a conversation about merging due to ignorance of history; there is a harm to be done in replaying the same actions that caused the problems that occurred after the first merge, due to ignorance of history, which are being encouraged by the replayed conversations as was what caused the first merge. Actions can be prevented. And let's just be honest, here: If the goal wasn't to get the second merge to occur, then people wouldn't still be rehashing the conversation. My purpose in being here simply is to do my part in making sure that does not happen again.
    Shomaruki wrote: »
    You can merge a server all day but how many of those players are ACTUALLY playing the game and not just sitting doing afk events? If they going to afk on one server they are going to afk on this one.
    Most of the Mabinogi Events are literally just log in and play AFK Simulator.
    100%. I'm with you, here. I'm glad more people are suggesting a change to events for them to be made to encourage more actual gameplay and activity.

  • gonna ask the hard question about Glyph art

    I think the obvious point here is that this rule is arbitrarily enforced on bass of convenience and the whims of Nexon associates; it clearly will only be yet another standard that basically boils down to: "It's only ok if we do it or agree with it, so shut up."

    You can't mind-read, so just make whatever symbols you want and don't call attention to it. I'm sure lewd things (like a pair of naked knockers in a non-adult game setting) are obvious, but ideologies and religious beliefs are where things get quite partisan and authoritarian. If you're fine with bearing the consequences of honestly and openly wearing/speaking your beliefs, do it. More power to you, even if I may disagree.
  • Merge Alexina

    Cho wrote: »
    It matters because a small group of people shouldn't be trying to manipulate a narrative that "all the servers are dead so we need a merge"

    Which is exactly how we got the merge in the first place. They're (reasonably, but ironically) upset that it didn't go how they expected it to go.

    When they argue about dead servers, it just makes me want to say, "First time, huh?" Not to spite them, of course. I just find it interesting how the roles have reversed. Helsa argues that there is an "Anti-Alexina" sentiment and I will say it does exist. But, it's not in the context of how they're framing it. People probably wouldn't care if Alexina did get merged, if we didn't have literally 2 servers left. There's also the still-fresh memory I have of Alexinians toxifying Nao's server and antagonizing anyone who didn't agree with merging Alexina. The behaviors of the Alexinian population are what turned people off to having them merged, even at a later date. The ones that fled Alexina and came to Nao didn't help the case, because they brought a lot of Alexina's culture with them and polluted a lot of things.
    Valenth wrote: »
    For those of us who have accounts that are 10+ years old with years and years worth of work, items, and equipment...No it is not just easy to "transfer to Nao." I am not starting over on another server. It is not fair to me. And Alexina is dead. I do not get on anymore because there is no point unless I just want to play the game alone..and in that case I can just get on a better RPG on one of my consoles.

    Speaking to those who are saying just go to Nao..not the OP.

    ** and I would come back and play the game if they merged us..i'm not just saying this to say this. I would LOVE to come back and play, but it is just dreary and boring in Alexina now.

    I understand your concerns. But, you're asking that we -- the Nao server -- eat the cost on your behalf. Again. It's not a black-and-white situation of merge or not merge. There's other alternatives. Plus, a lot of us didn't even ask for the merge and didn't want it. I've proposed a server transfer solution once before and I'll propose it again. If you want to come to Nao, I think you should have the option. It should have been an option in the past instead of just forcing everyone to suck it up and merge -- consensual or not. Trying to make sentimental arguments and presenting them as if they're objectively-based isn't going to get anything done. You can't have the cake and eat it. Do you want to be among more people or do you want to keep the sentimental value in your items? What matters more to you? Pick that and pursue it.

    Stormbeast wrote: »
    Just want to point out that this kind of logic is why Alexina is "dying". More likely than everybody moved to Nao is just that Alexina players were hurt that they got left out of the merge and decided to quit until they get merged too. Despite the claims though, there is still an active and healthy player base on Alexina, and a merge would just be bad for the game.

    I agree. A lot of people I spoke to in the Official Discord at that time were arguing that Alexina was a "sinking ship." Well, I wasn't under the impression at the time that Alexina was sinking, considering it remained high population up until the merge. It started sinking when everyone started moving to Nao. The irony is that Alexinians created this problem in their questionable desire to be among even more people instead of retaining what they had. Alexina wasn't good enough; they needed more and Nao wasn't allowed to just be Nao without them. They felt entitled to being a part of Nao. It's the "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" idiom manifesting itself.

    --General Response--
    I'd just like to say that Cho is making a lot of great points, here. I also think a lot of this merge sentiment is coming from selfishness, but presented as if it's "compassionate." The opinions and concerns of people who don't and didn't want the merge aren't being considered at all, here. They weren't considered the first time, either, which I would reasonably consider to be "rude." It's not all about you guys (Alexinians), you know. There are people on Nao who will again be negatively affected by these types of changes. In fact, you should be more careful in asking for a merge, considering how well it went the first time: Nobody foresaw Alexinians dropping off of their server and/or shifting into Nao, or spamming Forums with demands, or swinging out at anyone disagreeing with them in the Discord, or allegedly sending death threats to Nexon Staff. Even Nexon didn't think you guys would go that far, given their statement about why they merged the servers the way they did which amounted to something about server population being similar. The point is that Alexina felt so entitled to being a part of the merge that they destroyed their own original server in pursuit of it.

    I still don't understand how we think doing the same thing over and over will somehow net better results when the last attempt was tragic. Most of the people who even asked for the merge also never did content or participated in the market; it's usually people who just socialize with two-to-five close people and afk in Dunby, building up their friends lists with a bunch of names that they simply want to see having the "online" symbol beside it; they never actually talk to us or do anything with us. I know this because most of the arguments even now are just about having more people around and not feeling lonely or something, even though I'm 100% sure there's people on Alexina that think the exact same way they do and yet they just won't reach out to them to make friends or reconnect. The pattern here is that Alexinians keep neglecting what they do have out of entitlement towards what they don't and it ends with both having their value degraded; this is in addition to forgetting that this is a video game and not a social media platform.
  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    Yes, it can be countered that players can increase their bank caps with more characters, but after one uses up their free character slots, will they be willing to buy more cards to keep increasing that cap?
    Yep. I, too, was surprised to see someone actually owned enough characters to be able to just straight-up buy a Kraken Heart off the AH for 1.2b. Then, I realized that these are the same people that likely participate in RMT and throw $2k on a Gacha and my surprise quickly faded.
    Most of the player base won't. At some point, the demand for gold will drop with price caps because items will no longer be as expensive, it will also limit the amount of money players can transfer between accounts using dead bees or other items.
    We have access to trading outside of the Auction House. Checks have always been a work-around to gold caps on transactions well before the Auction House's existence and continue to serve that purpose, even to this day. This is made more possible now that the check amount has had its cap increased for Guardian Guilds and VIP players.
    And one other thing is if Nexon can provide players with more crafting items and add more usage to various game resources and materials, players would be able to create a more self-sufficient in-game economy while Nexon could sell crafting blueprints in their gachas and rotate some of them and keeping some for limited times.
    Anytime anyone suggests creating more ways to obtain items, they'll always have my full support. But, a lot of people overlook the second half of this suggestion: If the developers do create more options, the options will almost never be what we expect. I've seen this suggestion of reissuing access to outfits via in-game manuals many times, but nobody ever addresses the obvious part where Nexon buries the manuals and materials behind walls of RNG and even dilute the proportions of other highly sought materials while they're at it; it'll be more tedious than just buying a bunch of Gacha and/or grinding up the gold needed to buy it off someone who whaled on Gacha. It won't be a simple dozen reruns of Hard Mode Alby Advanced to find the manual and the materials being something like 3 Finest Fabric and 2 Finest Leather per attempt. They'd also be cutting off their pool of dummy clothes they can use to pad their Gacha ratios.

    But, I'll be an optimist for one moment and suggest that they could introduce these manuals and patterns through something like a "Remembrance Dungeon;" it'd be a totally different piece of content that players could grind through to hunt for manuals and patterns to create forgotten fashion, separate from other content. I'd be on board with that, but it'll still be RNG'd to death.
    Most people play the game to be strong or to look stylish. There is a good opportunity in my belief that players can achieve this if they can craft more of their own gear and clothes than rely solely on gachas.

    Players achieve it now. I think the issue is that people are picky about how they get strong and how they get stylish and when it happens. Not everyone wants to use their time to grind up some valuable drops to sell off at a profit. I get it. It's not for everyone. But, I think the link between "playing the game to get ahead" and "being rewarded for your effort" has been broken somewhere and no amount of suggestions of accessibility from either of us will fix that fundamental issue, until we get back to that basic concept of general gaming. Until we do, problems of RMT will forever exist to this degree.