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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Quality of Life: CP Numbers

    Love you both.
  • A disturbing trend that needs to change

    Vima wrote: »
    Was told I'm going to be put on a list for "snitching" because apparently I need to be gate-kept from content for wanting to get rid of the protection that bigger guilds have from getting banned.

    Other than that, there isn't much more to say but I think this is important. So I will probably be back here to either to continue this thread or make a new one depending on how things go.

    Vims, this is exactly what I just got through explaining to you. You threw a punch (by dropping that screenshot) and got your nose broken.
    Did you really think you'd just be able to throw out information exposing people and see zero consequences for it?
    This is the community policing I just got through explaining to you. If you're going to go on this crusade against these kinds of people, be prepared for them to retaliate and be prepared for them to retaliate hard. But, you don't prepare and you somehow never expect it to happen. I really don't get it.

    You and many others in this world just don't seem to understand that actions have reactions and that your existence does not exist in a vacuum, free of consequence. I don't know what it will take for you to understand that playing this grandiose role of "Savior of the community/world/etc" doesn't come without wearing your own crown of thorns. All of us need to realize that, actually.
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    You don't have to change yourself to suit society, but you are sure as hell not going to get anyone to change themselves to suit you. Doesn't matter how old you are. :|

    nah it does, i changed a bunch of people to suit me, and age matters a lot sadly

    What you just said sounds insane, not going to lie. It sounds you're implying that you have some kind of power over other people and that you are able to control how they behave. I'm going to tell you right now, for your own sake, that this is an illusion. You do not have as much power over people as you think you do -- no one does. At some point, the iron fist rusts and crumbles as forceful coercion is superficial and requires quite a lot of maintenance. You have to win hearts and minds to see lasting effects.

    EDIT: I just realized what you meant when you said, "and age matters a lot sadly." Stay away from the children. It's pretty telling that the only people you types can convince towards your world views are naive, trusting, inexperienced people (kids and teens) with moldable minds you can exploit for your own aims, rather than mature, reasonable people with common sense. Mark my words, you'll regret what you're all doing.

    But, this message isn't primarily aimed at you. I already know I won't convince you (right now) on basis of previous interactions. You truly believe you can bully, force, and coerce people into compliance. This is for everyone else to know that there will come a time when the illusion of control will fade; live by the sword to die by the sword. Change yourselves and seek to teach others how to change themselves for their own sake, not yours.
  • A disturbing trend that needs to change

    LovePanda wrote: »
    Actually, harassment is in fact against the TOS and no they do not do anything about it. I for one have taken video of others being harassed and reported sending in the video and not a thing was done. So yes nexon needs to step up and follow their own rules.

    Harassment in itself is a very vague thing and I doubt either you or myself can define it outside of legalities, because it is now subjective to the person's mental abilities. The definition in modern 2021 society has been so diluted, that people think getting a note from someone saying something mean to them is harassment.

    The extra issue is that this is the Internet, where you have a lot of control over who interacts with you and how often. It's different from reality, because you have block features and you can literally just poof to another realm or place -- or shut off the monitor.
    Harassment is vague and watered-down as a concept thanks to many people who don't have the basic ability to ignore things and move on, and that's why it's difficult to nail companies to the wall over it.

    Taking a screenshot of someone talking to you in ways you don't like is not alone evidence of harassment. Evidence of harassment would fall into something like a long log of continuous chat texts constantly insulting you and making fun of you about something -- more evident if among those insults exists a line from you telling them to stop and go away.

    Even then, you can solve that issue alone by just blocking them. And if they note you, don't read the notes. If they request to add you and you've never met them before, don't add them. These are basic precautions that should be taken by people who are not naive to the idea that humans can indeed be terrible human beings; expecting people not to do these things opens you up to this exact problem. Vima is a great example of this kind of person who will not take personal responsibility in filtering out people who follow certain patterns of behavior. Additionally, Vima throws punches from time to time, and it is not harassment when you yourself went out throwing punches and just happened to get your nose broken.
  • The Billionaire's Bankroll

    BigCheems wrote: »
    What's up with not including AHM dungeons in the key drop portion of the event? This is still encouraging people who use multiclient and alts.

    I disagree with the perspective, but I agree with the reality. People who use alts stand to gain more from these boosts than people who don't. But, I can see the purpose in creating this dichotomy. Humor me for a bit as I relay this theory:
    In this experiment: there's a control group and a testing group.
    The testing group are the people who will run Tech Duinn, Mag Mell, Veteran, etc.
    The control group are the people who already use alts and will grind the other content boosted by the event.

    The purpose, I would surmise, is to be able to create two different scenarios to see where more activity and material farming occurs. The winning group determines game direction. What the conditions are for "winning" are determined by the devs.

    If the control group wins, then there's no point in changing the overall system of chest rewards. People would prefer to use alts in content, but with boosted rates to RNG and party play or chest access was never the issue.

    If the testing group wins, then there's a proven point in changing the system in other areas of the game and the RNG is not necessarily the issue; the chest access and incentive for party/solo/duo play is the issue.

    Regardless, alt-usage is not a violation of ToS; only multiclienting. This is not, never was, nor will be intended as a sort of "anti-alt" crusade, on that basis. Yet, neither result will change gameplay for people who people who currently use alts. The only potential changes will be for people who currently do not, as they would essentially be on the same level as those who currently do; it would even the playing field.

    So, I suggest you guys get started grinding to show them you actually want to play the content. :joy:
  • How rich is the richest milletian?

    I'd ask the people making Soluna Blade. They're paying 12b for just a dawnblade. :joy: