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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi

    So my question is, what could or can you suggest for me to do in Mabinogi that would raise my interest in the game again...?

    Character development.
    Creating challenges for yourself (I have plenty for you, if you can't come up with any).
    Exploring content.
    Taking on the wild RNG that is Erg.

    There's plenty to do, but I'm pretty sure you don't mean "combat" things: playing the actual game itself.
    Then again, it's not my job to entertain you or tell you how you should entertain yourself. It's your Fantasy Life; not mine.
  • How «Developers» manage to «Cheat» at the Game...!

    Habimaru wrote: »
    Originally... I was just going to make a thread-title : «Weapon & Wand-Proffing Need to be Scrapped !»

    Like, seriously, needing to spend time casting & casting & casting at a mana-tunnel to prof wands is out-dated & obsolete.

    You're right; that's why you instead start a Girgashiy (Easy) Crusader mission, use a windmill-spam AI with a compatible pet, use Divine Link with it, sit your pet somewhere it can't be knocked away, move behind the Girgashiy, and thwack it over and over with auto-attack -- return every 5-6 minutes to relink the pet and reposition.

    Thank me never.
  • Grand Master Quests

    Solo it!
  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    Yes, it can be countered that players can increase their bank caps with more characters, but after one uses up their free character slots, will they be willing to buy more cards to keep increasing that cap?
    Yep. I, too, was surprised to see someone actually owned enough characters to be able to just straight-up buy a Kraken Heart off the AH for 1.2b. Then, I realized that these are the same people that likely participate in RMT and throw $2k on a Gacha and my surprise quickly faded.
    Most of the player base won't. At some point, the demand for gold will drop with price caps because items will no longer be as expensive, it will also limit the amount of money players can transfer between accounts using dead bees or other items.
    We have access to trading outside of the Auction House. Checks have always been a work-around to gold caps on transactions well before the Auction House's existence and continue to serve that purpose, even to this day. This is made more possible now that the check amount has had its cap increased for Guardian Guilds and VIP players.
    And one other thing is if Nexon can provide players with more crafting items and add more usage to various game resources and materials, players would be able to create a more self-sufficient in-game economy while Nexon could sell crafting blueprints in their gachas and rotate some of them and keeping some for limited times.
    Anytime anyone suggests creating more ways to obtain items, they'll always have my full support. But, a lot of people overlook the second half of this suggestion: If the developers do create more options, the options will almost never be what we expect. I've seen this suggestion of reissuing access to outfits via in-game manuals many times, but nobody ever addresses the obvious part where Nexon buries the manuals and materials behind walls of RNG and even dilute the proportions of other highly sought materials while they're at it; it'll be more tedious than just buying a bunch of Gacha and/or grinding up the gold needed to buy it off someone who whaled on Gacha. It won't be a simple dozen reruns of Hard Mode Alby Advanced to find the manual and the materials being something like 3 Finest Fabric and 2 Finest Leather per attempt. They'd also be cutting off their pool of dummy clothes they can use to pad their Gacha ratios.

    But, I'll be an optimist for one moment and suggest that they could introduce these manuals and patterns through something like a "Remembrance Dungeon;" it'd be a totally different piece of content that players could grind through to hunt for manuals and patterns to create forgotten fashion, separate from other content. I'd be on board with that, but it'll still be RNG'd to death.
    Most people play the game to be strong or to look stylish. There is a good opportunity in my belief that players can achieve this if they can craft more of their own gear and clothes than rely solely on gachas.

    Players achieve it now. I think the issue is that people are picky about how they get strong and how they get stylish and when it happens. Not everyone wants to use their time to grind up some valuable drops to sell off at a profit. I get it. It's not for everyone. But, I think the link between "playing the game to get ahead" and "being rewarded for your effort" has been broken somewhere and no amount of suggestions of accessibility from either of us will fix that fundamental issue, until we get back to that basic concept of general gaming. Until we do, problems of RMT will forever exist to this degree.
  • Idk, it's about Mabi, but not just Mabi, so...
    Nexon's Maple Story has been found to have provided items to users with unequal probability.


    Similar criticism has been leveled at Nexon's game "Mabinogi." Some users have been protesting in front of Nexon’s main office in Pangyo near Seoul aboard a truck since late January. In online communities, users are threatening to consider boycotting the game.

    I'm just posting the info. Y'all make your own minds up about it.

    EDIT 2/25/21: Interesting. I can't load the page anymore and I get this message:
    EDIT 2/25/21: So, the translation says "This article is under review by the administrator. Please use it after a while."
    Draw your own conclusions.