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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Rapier Talent/Class

    nomigid15 wrote: »

    Ngl, I don't think either thread has perfect ideas in it (yours is very realistic, but remember that this is Mabinogi), yet your thread has stuff in it that makes way more sense and more consideration put into it than "give elves their own version of lance, except it's quicker, lighter, and also can work like human's Final Hit because I don't like crossbows."

    A rapier class sounds nice and I do like the sound of using dex and int for damage calculations, but these other concepts are clearly biased towards simple racial dominance and/or roleplaying, rather than alleged "balance (tm)."

    Let's be more moderate and reasonable.

    There's functions we can draw from and improve upon. For example:

    The talent could have a skill -- something like Chain Burst where you could activate an innate magical power that is channeled into the rapier and would scale rapier damage based off of Magic Attack. This would even allow some magic users to have another way to deal combat damage without needing to solely use spells. Plus, elves are magically inclined. This has lore relevance as well.

    There's a possibility that we could use the defensive nature of the rapier by implementing a skill that would work similarly to a Giant's Wind Guard, but with obvious changes to reflect the talent -- there could be a skill that creates a parrying barrier of magical rapiers that raises Protection and gives the character inherent evasion (like what we see when Dual Gun bullets and Bow Arrows sometimes miss us) to many attacks.

    Movement could simply be Evasion skill. I don't see why that wouldn't be used in a rapier talent, but maybe add a twist to it when holding the rapier -- like creating illusions that draw aggro.

    Maybe a skill that stabs in particular weak points to induce a status of reduced Protection and Defense for a period of time. Maybe Magic Defense and Protection, so magic spells can hit harder.

    Maybe a skill that allows us to temporarily imbue the sword with a life of its own, allowing it to fight alongside us for a time and deal extra DPS while we use another weapon, similar to the puppets, except actually useful.

    There's probably something we could do that utilizes Shyllien and/or Hillwen as materials and introduce a rapier with a set effect that raises critical damage or works like the Divine Tribolt in allowing bolt-casting (chain-casted bolts? idk).

    Moderation, folks.
  • Mabinogi Best in Slot Guide

    Max Damage Enchants that include Bard Buff effects may as well be considered as ([Max Damage from Enchant] + ([Character's Base Max Damage] * ([Enchant's Buff Effect Bonus] * .20 * (1 + (.01 * [Relevant Performance Effect Reforge Level]))))).

    What I'm basically saying through that equation is that Chorus -- for example -- is already superior to all of those other suffixes. The Net Gain from max rolling Resistance is Max 18, but if you get from Chorus a base Max 13 boost and also an extra .60% Battlefield Overture boost from the +3 Bard Buff effect (which is basically .60% of your base Max Damage), then the Bard Buff boost translates into "Extra Max Damage increase equal to (Base Max Damage * [Enchant's Buff Effect Bonus])."

    If you take -- for example -- a base Max Damage of 1000 for this scenario, Chorus and Resistance give the exact same max damage boosts, often differing only by decimal margins. However, when I tested the calculations at base 1200 max, the Chorus Suffix actually surpassed Resistance (by .2 Max, but still..). This means that if one were to then invest into "Normal/Excellent/Inspiring Effect" Reforges on Echostone and Gear slots, Chorus would further surpass Resistance (by at least one full Max Damage point; the +.60 bard buff would become +.66 with a total Normal Performance Effect level of 15+). So, the gap probably expands even further if you start using things like Sonata or Pure or Technical.

    But, this above information assumes you're going to be buffing yourself and aren't usually doing content with "Bards" that do the buffs for you; in the case someone else is buffing you: your list (as far as Max Damage is concerned) is accurate. I just thought I'd throw this information out here, since we're talking about "Best (tm)" gear. :^))
  • Remember remember the 5th of November...

    "You rub people the wrong way."
    Yeah, it's 2020 and water is wet. People cry over everything. Give it a rest, Crimson.
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Eventually the extra damage becomes cosmetic, because AFAIK no content requires you to deal the maximum amount of damage you're mathematically capable of, so the end game competition becomes Battle Fashionogi ultimately.

    No, once you've hit the minimum required damage, you've done it. You're now able to clear the content... probably takes you forever and you probably still need help, but you can! Great!

    So, here's the question: Why DO people continue to grow their power? Well, I'll tell you. Efficiency. Yes, efficiency! Did you know that grinding content faster via doing more damage and using better strategies means you make more profits? Ah, yes! See, when you can clear Abyssal Lord Elite in 15 minutes -- alone -- as opposed to 120 minutes per run, you can make profits off of the drops more quickly because you use less durability and can do eight more runs in the -- say -- 2 hours of free time you have to play! That means you can farm more materials more quickly and buy more of that fashion you've always wanted to wear while you afk beside the light post near the Dunbarton bank!

    It doesn't stop there, friend! You can spend less gold buying crafting materials and erg materials you need to improve your Alchemy gear you've always (hypothetically, calm down) been complaining about since the dawn of time, because you can just farm it all yourself in no time! Plus, you make more gold doing that anyway as you sell off the things you don't need as you speed grind through Alby HM and Tech Duinn with your explosive damage! Rad, right!? I know! It's crazy!

    It gets even better! You can even save up some of that efficiently grinded gold you've been hoarding and buy yourself some neat, rare Echostones and even rarer dual/triple reforged gear complete with Gacha-exclusive enchants to improve your clear time for other content, meaning you can start farming other stuff, too!

    Calling the idea of going above and beyond "cosmetic" and boiling it down as some sort of "tryhard/competitive" initiative is exactly why people struggle to even get ahead in the game. Not everyone is an egotistical brainlet that feels like they have to be better than the other players in every way just for the sake of being better. There's no competition in the game, anyway, unless you count Clobbermeister. Then, by all means, stroke that ego all day and night!
    HelsaRadiant Dawn
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Vima wrote: »
    I'm asking for help on either A.How to enjoy this game again; or B. What to do instead

    I got you, fam. Listen up and listen close, ok?
    Aight. So. what I do to maintain my sanity in this game when dealing with other players is...!
    Not interact with other players. :^)
    Seriously. Just focus on the game. Run content. Don't say much more than you need to regarding anything that isn't about Mabinogi or Mabinogi-related activities. It's hard for people to start fights with you if all you're doing is playing the game and stating facts about the game. What are they going to do to you for just saying that having 500 max damage with a 2H sword is not enough for FinalHitting the little dogs in Sidhe Finnachaid? Nothing. Because it's not an opinion. It's a fact.
    I also would like to know how Mabinogi makes you feel about yourself.
    It doesn't make me feel anything. I don't place my self-value and worth into a video game. :^)
    If I did, it wouldn't be this one! Ha-ha!
    Ah, yes. I have my fair share of frustrations, no lie.
    But, I don't wrist myself and abuse myself if I - say - fail to pass the first phase of kraken elite.
    I just scream really loudly and swear like a sailor for 30 seconds about why my pet ran away from me to go hit the orb I just hit.