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  • There's something serious to talk about...

    I hate to be that one guy to say this but unfortunately there will always be people like that(disgusting, sad and such i know). You can teach them but if they don't go with what they are taught, then there isn't much you can do about it. Teaching and getting a child to understand the dangers online is easy yes but it's up to them to take and use what they learned. The same can be said with adults though they should be fully aware of what they are doing and if it's right or wrong. The best thing we can do is block/blacklist and report the player as well as make others aware. I honestly don't think even if they get punished that it will get them to understand what they did was wrong as a good majority don't care. I do hope the person doesn't bother your cousin anymore though.
  • New player

    Welcome to mabi! and don't worry it's like that for a bit. you'll get lost until you get the hang of it, if you're on Mari i don't mind lending a helping hand.
  • we lost a player of tarlach today v.v

    awwe D: Rest in peace fellow Milletian. it's so sad when we lose someone young ;-; you're in a better place now and you will be missed, even though i never got the chance to meet you i'm sure you were an awesome person and like said above you will be remembered <3
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    For me, as silly as it may seem. I can't exactly remember when i first started playing Mabinogi, so i will say more than 6 or 8 years now(which is ironic since I didn't join the forums for a while). I know it has been a long while.When i first picked up the game i played with my cousin and we made some friends during our early time playing. Believe it or not i started on Alexina before i moved to my home server Mari. Honestly when i first started, I didn't know what to do. I died a lot ( we have all been there right?) Trying to do quests were a chore, especially when you had to wait for the moon gates and mana tunnels. Mabinogi is like no other game i have played, even though there are some games that offer something similar in a way. They don't hold a candle to the joys, (even irritations too) pain, friends and fun that mabi has given me. I love being able to log in do events, hang with friends or just start on a goal for the week or however long it will take. With all of the time and effort i put into my character I don't think i'll ever drop this game especially with the awesome friends I made.
  • #DyeOff2k18 Event

    Thank you so much for hosting the event you guys rock <3 and i wish i could have joined the event in game ;-; i shall do my best to join the next one! i would like the red garland wings if possible o - o