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Yes. I know who you are. I have really good memory and I remember the past seven years in detail. I just don't care about chasing reunions anymore. You do it, it's not my turn and I refuse to go first.


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Thanks for the namechange.
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No reunions. I don't do reunions. Amoukaioxi stays dead.
  • par king-crab

    I like all of the fish descriptions
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    I'm easily impressed and have no problems playing broke and having equipment drop to zero dura and only repairing enough points for a day's worth of missions. A lot of my acquisitions are stuff that I intend to mess around with for fun, dance of death, weird gestures, doki doki boombox, etc.

    As far as that though, what I mostly do for fun is spam my capped Wings of Haste and master dance of death in public. . .A LOT. Who doesn't wanna show off by going super fast for almost FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT like a mosquito?

    And also take breaks. There's always that one person who wants nothing to do with mabinogi and doesn't actually play, but still forces themselves to be present for literally every event that ever happens while aloofly avoiding everyone they used to hang out with. That can have some sad endings. Never proverbially sleep with mabi because you'll lose track of time and give yourself sensory burnout. Once that happens, you'll never like mabinogi like you used to
  • Is the Beach Event Dancing Mini Game Broken?

    End the conversation window
  • Using Ace/Hero/Elite Character Cards for Extra AP?

    39 pon to rebirth as an Ace every time(unless it's free during the master plan event)

    And you can only get 50 AP at the end of the week on any supported character. (for however many weeks you can stay as an ace before running out of levels to levelup to)
    Because you can support the same character across multiple Aces, you could split the load too, like saaay: leveling two ace characters up 25 levels for a total of 50AP that week. Or however you wished
  • I love this update

    I just had my fairy pet stunlock and kill the hardmode shadow mission boss and all I had to do was sit back and take a little break :P

    Only resuming to kill the occasional snow golem aggro.

    And I reeally love the fact that I can sacrifice pets as offerings to my favorite pets to give them hours and hours of summon time. RELEASE THE INNER SADIST!