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  • New Ai/ characteristics?

    The only way to make the game more "interesting" is best shown via Queen Succubus and its minions.

    Has unique skill sets
    Has "PLAYERS" skill sets
    No heavy stander needed.

    So imagine a new goblin that stole a gun from a noobie player. It now has the basic ranks of gunslinger. Goblin is placed in the wanted list to kill and receive back the gun. Player who kills said goblin gets a reward and gun is returned to the owner.

    As for lets say Bandit Boss they can also mimic your skill ranks of said weapon. Just to spice things up a little.

    You can also make a new option where if a player dies they lose a certain amount of gold. Making gold stored in banks more of an incentive
  • Equipment slots

    just keep in mind that these are duration equipment slots. Buying them give you a 30 day use of extra equipment slots. They don't actually last forever. I bought them thinking they did last forever


    You don't have to buy the expansion again. Just have to add another 30 day use similar to style tab
  • Bottlenecks in crafting

    I think the weaving gloves need an upgrade in durability or repairability

    Doing so may add new reforge bonuses (common silk glove with reforge craft more common silk etcs)

    This will also make people hate it because who want a random common silk success on a dustin glove or whatever
  • Summer Pillow fight :D

    Can we get the pillow fight event back? Attacking monsters with pillows for event items like more pillows
  • Unrepairable Removal Item

    Basicly items that couldn't be repaired now becomes repairable :D

    Old items can be brought back and repaired. There are some old items or event items that has 0 durability which makes it unusable anymore. I kept it just for the fact its an oldie item. Wondering if all old "unrepairable" items can be repaired now as long you buy an nx item to remove it.