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  • Where can I get a monkey

    i can sell you my pet monkey if not we can trade for a pet monkey. You need a pet with same inventory space though.
  • Pet Whistles into Pet Cards

    Alshian wrote: »
    I honestly did not know about pets obtaining more skills from rebirthing with another pet card.....I am now conflicted! Do the stats of the ranks of the skills also cross over? id like to have a beast of a pet that can fight just like me with almost about 400~500+ damage <3

    Only "limited" skills is transferred over.

    Technically all skills transfer over BUT the skills that is "specific" can not be used if that pet cant use it?

    But anyways best example is you can have a mimic use smash BUT can't use windmill. So it is trial and error.

    Currently best option is to have a pet "cloud" rebirth into a "nine-tail-fox" rebirth into "dragon" rebirth into "tiger"

    This in turn gets you rank 1 bolts skills, Rank 1 Healing, Rank 6 Windmill, Rank 5 Combat skills.
  • Please add this outfit into this next gachapon

    pokemon o3o
  • Pet Whistles into Pet Cards

    you may say it is pointless but I like to have rank 1 skills on a random pet to make them more useful when they aren't for example a nine tail fox has rank 1 spells while other pets can't. So if nine tail pet is sold more. People can have other pets like fallen fairy have rank 1 spells as well
  • Old Event Items Removals

    Even if you say it as truth. There are still quest items or event items I dont know if I should remove or not.

    Although the chances of it being brought back is near "none"

    I still have fergus "wings" hoping there be an item in the future to make it permanent because its a nice wing lol
    [Deleted User]