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  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Jaein
    Server: Nao

    The Struggle Of Being In The Middle

    It was a warm, sunny Thursday in Mag Mell. I sat down on a grass after a tiring fight in the dungeon.
    "Gosh, that was tiring." I murmured to myself, completely unaware of an approaching Knight.

    "Jaein! Jaein!" A young, blue, and and shoulder-length hair man wearing a knight armour strode over to me. Looking up, I realised that it was Caswyn.
    "Sup, Caswyn! How did you get here?", I replied.
    "Oh I don't know, I'm just wandering around as usual." Caswyn said. "Glad to see you here."
    "I know right? Me too!" I replied and smiled back to him , "You can sit down if you want!"
    "I'll take you up on that offer!" He sat next to me, on my left.
    "I haven't seen you much since last time you were in Avalon" Caswyn said to me, trying to make a conversation, "How are things going with yo-"

    Caswyn got cut off after a voice shouted, "Jaein?! I FOUND YOU!"

    A man with white, silvery hair approached me quickly. He waved his hands from afar.
    "Ugh, Llywelyn..." Caswyn grumbled. "What are you doing here, you little-"
    "Hello Jaein, Caswyn." Llywelyn greeted us both. "I'm just here to tell Jaein about our new mission.."
    "I can do that," Caswyn said. "Off you go."
    "Altam ordered me to, Caswyn. I need to talk to her." Llywelyn replied. Caswyn doesn't seem to be happy about the response.
    "I'm not leaving, Caswyn. In fact, I am going to sit riiiiiiight here." Llywelyn said as he sat to my right.

    Great. I'm stuck between both of them.
    I sighed quietly.
    "Please guys, I love you both." I thought to myself with a slight smile.


    (didn't realised it has to be 300 words or lower, ooops) <3