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June 9, 1997
  • Procreate Freebies

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    If you're still doing these!
    I hope you don't mind drawing this cutie~
    I personally don't mind if you wanna put T H I C C lips on her, but she does have thin lips.
    This is my OC, but it was redrawn by Pheo A.K.A --->
    And here's some poses in case any of them tickle your fancy, I got them from google images, so.

    here if you wanna know her colours
    The top is shaped/designed to look like a huge bandana, tied to her with a bikini-thin strap.
    Armband that says "Union".
    Booty shorts with a chain on the side.
    Shoes are heeled flip-flops with straps.

    Hair/Ears: Orange? (#FFC300) RGB:255,195,0.

    Inside ears: Light Salmon(#FFA07A) RGB:255,160,122.

    Left eye colour: Aqua(#00FFFF) RGB:0,255,255.

    Right eye colour/Hair tie/Armband/Chain: Silver(#C0C0C0) RGB:128,128,128.

    Skin tone: Tan(#D2B48C) RGB:210,180,140.

    Tail: Orange? (#FFC300) RGB:255,195,0 + White Tip: (#FFFFFF) RGB:255,255,255.

    Booty shorts: Blue Jeans kind of colour(I don't have a colour code for that).

    Top: Violet(#EE82EE) RGB:238,130,238 + Black Straps.

    Bow: White straps around a silvery black bow.

    AND here if you wanna know her bio and such(:
    Name: Lishia Yin.

    Age: 18.

    Height: 4'10.

    Weight: 110 LBS.

    Race: Kitsune.

    Sex: Female.

    Weapon: Bow & Arrows/Musical Instruments.

    Archery: Uses the bow to pierce through enemies with her Phase Power, making it look as if she's shooting shiny arrows of destruction.
    Bard: Control the minds of 2-3 enemies using musical sound waves, causing them to go into a trance, killing their own kind as well as harming themselves.

    About: Lishia Yin is a very energetic, yet peaceful young adult whom many wish to have around more often.
    Sadly, she has to face her worse nightmares as she travels, helping others in need who she comes across in her path.

    Likes: Meat(of any kind), Sushi, Spicy food/sauces, Chocolate/Sweet and sour candy, Fruits and veggies.

    Dislikes: Onions, Pork and beans(in a can), and anything that gives you a risk of getting poisoned and dying(Puffer Fish food, etc).

    Crush: Levia(Anime/video game called: Closers).

    Dance: Lucky Star(Cheerleading Dance Routine).

    Sitting Pose: Yandere kneel.

    Idle Pose: Standing position with her arms behind her back, tilting her head, looking cute and shy.

    She is SO CUTE! :'D
    I've been wanting to draw more kemonomimi cuties<3
    we love babes with thicc lips c;
    Yes, I probably will come back to this for stuff to draw for a lil while. I tend to spend alot of time on drawings ^^'
    But thank you soo much for all the details and everything about her! :D It really helps!<33