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March 9, 1990
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Strength through balance.
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Leader of Chevaliers
  • Dungeon Reward Rate Increase Event

    I agree with the idea of returning to the eight-player limit in dungeons. Currently, the game is lacking activities that can be done with your guild. I understand there are now Guild Wars or Raids, which are aimed at high-level players, but what about low leveled guilds with lots of members that want something more casual and less competitive? One option for them is running dungeons, which can reward them with materials to craft better gear. Having a limit of four players means only a few will have access to those mats, increasing the rarity and abuse of prices, making them inaccessible to casual players.

    Please consider keeping the eight-player limit permanent. It helps materials to circulate better in the servers and is also a good activity for guilds and groups of friends.
  • Chevaliers Sans Frontières is recruiting!

    Hello everyone! Chevaliers guild is recruiting.


    Chevalier (French)- a knight.
    a chivalrous person.
    a member of certain orders of knighthood such as the Legion of Honor.

    Chevaliers is a guild with a military-ranked base structure. Our members are living under the way to mastering of own lives will be able to truly serve as excellent examples for others and lead through the darkness.

    We believe in mastering oneself first in order to help our community. Not only we're focusing on mastering ourselves, we're also focusing on helping our community. Therefore, our guild plans to get involved in future community events. We have strong alliances with Capulet, Fidelis, Ornac, Insignia, and Hanyou. They're not only our alliances - they are our family and friends. We're willing to help the community as much as possible as well as helping ourselves to advance in our own journey. We're small in numbers right now, but our guild is full of active players. Our leader and officers are always online actively, so there's no fear that our guild would be inactive. We're planning on weekly guild events which include raids, shadow mission runs, dungeons and generations help, and fun social activities that all members can get involved!


    Our guild also have skilled Royal Alchemists, artisans, and bards to help within game-support or anything that our guild members need. Beside in game, we host guild meetings, polls, guild site, and discord chat for our members. Our guild believes that each of us have his or her own voice, and it is very important to feel heard. So, our guild is a very open-minded guild. We host meetings in game bimonthly- allowing our members to voice their opinions and ways to possibly improve our guild to be better.

    In Chevaliers, you will find a lot of wonderful people who are willing to help you with mastering yourself in the game and possibly in your real life. We are very supportive of one another as a tight-knit family.


    If you're looking for a guild that willing to support you with mastering yourself in this game and giving you a chance to help our community, then Chevaliers is a good fit for you! To apply, please note or add Rockk, (our guild leader / Grandmaster of the Order ), michann (First guild officer/ Chancellor), or Kaina 98 (Second officer/ Knight Courier). You can also comment here if you're interested! We'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

    Thank you for your time to read our guild post! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

    With love and respect and of course...❤ to you all,

    - Mimi and Rockk

    Chancellor de Chevaliers & Grandmaster of Chevaliers // Aishiteru Saiai