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    What made you choose the name when you started?
    I had just played the first Kingdom Hearts game and there was an item called the Twilight Stone. I thought it was a pretty word, so I named my character after it.

    Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why?
    Soon afterwards, the Twilight books series became popular and my name became cursed lol. So yes, I did wish I picked a different name for a while, but I've grown attached to it. The -ite part still bothers me though, so I'm happy we'll be getting name change coupons soon.

    The man-bear server.

    Is the server you first chose the one you played on the most?
    Yes, I haven't played on any other server except when I made an alt to mess around in Alexina. I was shocked at how many people there were, given how empty Tarlach was.

    Is there a specific reason you chose it over others?
    My RL best friend made her character on Tarlach, so I chose that server to play with her.

    2008, pretty much when the game launched in NA. My friend and I watched the Lorna and Pan videos before the launch and got really hyped for the game.

    How old were you when you started? (Optional)
    I was in middle school.

    What kept you playing?
    The gameplay and skill system in Mabi is unique; no other game plays like Mabi. I loved the "fantasy life" aspect, where there were tons of non-combat skills for you to do. I really enjoyed the rock-paper-scissors-like combat, where timing and knowing how to manipulate the AI were the keys to victory, rather than tanking everything and brute-forcing your way through. Now that combat's changed and is more about brute-forcing, I still enjoy the timing and do whatever you want aspects of the game.

    Pink + white! And sometimes pink + black.

    Do you incorporate your favorite color?
    Black's my favorite color, and it's in some of my outfits. Most of the outfits I have are already white though, so I tend to stick with white on newer clothing so it's consistent with the rest of my wardrobe.

    How many different color schemes do you think you’ve gone through?
    I went through half of my Mabi life not having a set color scheme, 'cause I just bought whatever I thought looked nice and was too poor for dyes lol. Then a few years ago, some pets released with a bunch of dyes in their inventories, so I established my white/pink scheme with those dyes.

    The unique gameplay and its depth, mostly. It's the reason other MMOs feel shallow and boring to me. The universal nostalgia people have for Mabi and the friends I made are pretty great too.

    What is your favorite location in mabi? Why?
    Avon. it's so pretty! The half living/half dead design is so special, and I like the theater missions. The parrot living in near the theater quotes Shakespeare plays when you wack its tree!

    If there was one thing you could change about mabi, what would it be?
    I want more events that require active participation. We have a lot of events now, but most of them are AFK ones. I remember there was a Halloween event years back where everyone worked together to defend a fort from zombies. Dragon boat racing was also fun, working together to race down the river in Cor. It was cool sharing the same goal as everyone and coordinating to reach it.

    Huw. He invented puppet combat, and puppetry is my favorite combat skillset in Mabi. I enjoyed the questline about his past too, He's also like. A really pretty boy too, and I dig his outfit.

    Who is your least favorite? Why?
    Millia. Her design bores me, and I thought she was really whiny in the Saga quests.

    Which generation did you enjoy the most?
    G1. The story about the three missing warriors is a Classique, and Glas has the coolest boss design imo. The newer Gens' storylines are still better than that of other MMOs, but I think the older Gens had far better plots than what we get now. Grinding through the final dungeon and completing G1 felt like such an accomplishment in old school Mabinogi!

    YOUR FIRST RANK 1 Skill? (If applicable)
    Smash, probably. And getting r1 in any skill felt like a big deal at the time, so I was super proud of it!

    When talents were made what did you master first?
    Magic, Warrior, and Adventurer I believe. I had already ranked those skills by he time talents became a thing.

    What did you Grandmaster first?
    Magic for that sweet, sweet Magic Att boost.

    White ostrich! That and the shire were the only two-seaters released at the time, and I wanted to be able to carry my friends around.

    How old is your first pet?
    I think I got it in 2009, so a decade old now.

    Which is your favorite pet?
    I have a few. I have a max size red panda that I'm proud of, but it's not very useful anymore. The crystal deer was my favorite for a time, because it was as fast as a thoroughbred, could fly, and have the Hide ability! My favorite pets now are my Fallen Fairy for its Divine Link bonuses and the Red Eye Ceraunus for the style and SPEED.

    The RL friend that got me into the game. It was cool being able to spend time with her even when we weren't with each other in real life.

    Do they still play?
    Like a lot of people, she hops on occasionally and then takes a year-long hiatus.

    Are you still Friends?
    Yep! Still one of my best friends online and offline!

    Honestly, I don't remember. I'm pretty shy, so I never interacted much with most of the guilds I got invited to.

    What’s your Current Mabi guild?
    Trying to rejoin Visions at the moment, but the +servername bug renders that impossible at the moment :'(
    I joined Visions when they were making their comeback a few years ago, and they're the first guild I felt comfortable in. There were so many guild runs and activities to do. Everyone was so nice too, especially our leader!

    Have you ever led a guild?
    Nope! Never had the VIP membership to be able to make one lol.

    Spirit weapon revamp WHEN??? Please Nexon, make spirit weapons cool again.