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April 16, 1999
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The moment you stare at people all the time due to lack of things to say.
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I am a 24 year old, Neet, that shuts herself in and sleeps during the day, but arises at the night time.
  • Mabinogi Glorious Glyphwright Contest

    IGN: Meiree
    Server: Alexina
  • Menu Update

    I feel we need a new menu setup personally so the screen looks more clean as I load in any game I see the presentation of the menus it feels like it lacks full customization. I feel we should be allowed to change the colors of the menu in options with more selections like a hue slider for colors, key binds should be placed in a arrow hider so if you don't want to see them they don't appear unless clicked however still work existing. map should be like a circle as a square feels cluttered and a circle can be scaled better if you choose to scale the map while still keeping blind spots. Inventory update please I feel they should combine into one menu that you appear same with pets inventories should be allowed to be showed but you have to summon said pet to take out of the inventory. Bank inventory should be view able based on what character you use but can't remove unless at a bank and talk to npc. I feel as well you should be allowed to customize the clock appearance and alarm appearance it feels so poorly optimized and covers the screen in a certain way that makes it so undemanding.
    I feel our bottom hub menu for all factors and hp,mp,and stam should be a seperate menu from the hub so it can be placed maybe at the top and be allowed to have a custom menu setup to make it look better than just bars and maybe make it like a percent not a exact number rate showed if you wanted to place it that way.e4a7af17ede35bb6660a46164874c513.png
    Something like that for the appearance would be great, I designed this layout using Mabinogi and to add in the other layout creations as well as using my art ability to do borders.
    I hope this idea gets implemented so players stop struggling with visibility on the screen.