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  • Favorite thing to do ingame?

    I like taking screenshots in-game like a field photographer. There are many things overlooked by players. Through my observations I discovered that Ladeca, the blue moon, actually follows the phases of the real moon every day/night in real time. Eweca, the red moon, does not follow any astronomical body however.
    I also like playing around with the Pet AI and I also like to edit midi into MML for composing.
  • What is this? (Announcement Spam Gone Haywire)

    Crims wrote: »
    You have it the other way around. He was accused of embezzlement, acquitted of all charges, then he said I had enough, I'm gonna sell this ****. But with the trade wars unfolding, the appetite to buy a large corporation at his valuation last year waned and he ended up not selling and instead started to consolidate operations and reinvest for the future.

    Whoever is doing this has some beef against Nexon, probably a former employee trying to use lowly tactics for revenge.

    Then it likely is an ex staff member with knowledge of bot scripting, along with knowledge of the business abroad.
    Will probably see this thread locked and archived for future reference.

    How do you KNOWWWW???

    Eh, to be fair, Mabinogi's code has been hacked in the past.
    Shouldn't be too impossible for some dweeb to stumble upon the townsquare thread and pick something from a link for shiggles.
    Remember that time everyone was spamming the heal skill for fear of a hacking exploit?

    Those dark times. I made alts in case I became a victim, and I did become one. I now have two accounts since I got my old account back. The hacker just used my old account, for MapleStory by the looks of the purchases yet I didn't have credits/points left anyway.
  • What is this? (Announcement Spam Gone Haywire)

    I posted this on Discord too the other day. Some say it was a hack but it looks just like spam nothing damaging.

    The text seems to come from this pdf:
  • At Least Colossus Marionette Can..

    The best way to farm reputation on the Mabinogi forums is to make really bad puns. :D

    If you do it well enough in the Discord you get banned, temporarily...
  • At Least Colossus Marionette Can..

    What do you call an apprentice who works for the IT administrator?

    The Inter Nette
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