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  • Were those *REALLY* our GMs?

    Aquasol wrote: »
    Iscaroit wrote: »
    I know the point of these streams is to ham fistidly shove Gachas down out throats without a shred of elegance, but at least give out the information that was promised.

    That's a rather disheartening attitude to have. In addition to Saygo being quite new to Mabinogi, you have to remember that he and Nkeona are doing their respective jobs the day of the stream, and that neither are professional streamers or recording professionals at that. So part of the charm is that awkwardness afternoon energy death and raw emotion, versus putting together a trailer.

    The point of the streams is not just to show content(whether that means updates, outfits, gacha, etc.), but to provide examples, information, and also share moments with the community in an engaging manner. I'm sorry that you feel that they're inadequate and just trying to squeeze money. Perhaps you're best off waiting for main site updates, which will more plainly state upcoming or freshly-released content.

    Aqusol (SP?) is right. They were engaging the community where it seems you OP wanted a bot. You have to keep in mind Yes Saygo new CM but NKeona always had Sabina... whom did most of the talking. Nkeona always came off as shy when I saw those two live streaming... now with Saygo being new to it Nkeona had to step it up.. I think she did a great job of doing so and both did a great job of being charming and interacting for the community LIVE and with what little information that devcat usually gives their employees. You obviously aren't a people person and just want things done a certain way.. they can't give out info they haven't been given themselves or explain in detail how something they are experiencing right there for themselves is supposed to be ... LIVE stream of hands on updates is never going to be perfect or give you all the detailsuntil they've had a chance to figure it out and obtain more info. A HUGE round of applause go to both Nkeona and Saygo I think they were lovely and in fact I was going to comment on the thread about who should be taking Sabina's place but I saw this and popped in here instead. How about this OP... you go take their jobs and do live stream with little to no info and see how well it works out for you :) deal?