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  • Mabinogi's Chair Problem

    I think it'd be pretty lame if Nexon just canned any kind of large object idea because some people will use it to be slightly annoying.

    Change channel, walk further from the gate so the spiders aren't in view, do whatever. The people who do this kind of thing usually get bored of it pretty quickly, but threads like this egg them on more than help anything. It's not much different from trying to do it shortly after release on the busy channels where regular player character models were prettymuch 100% obscuring the NPC.
  • Pet Adventurer Guide

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »

    the drop rates for fur pelts are not horrible, it is just difficult to find a time when they are not being farmed by everyone else. I usually farm for fur pelts anytime between 1:00am and 7:00am pdt. takes the less the a hour to farm 20 pelts and even farmed 60 fur pelts once in under 3 hours. mythril ore feels much more annoying to farm for. if anyone has a low weaving rank wait until Monday to craft your soft fur fabrics cause it increases your success rate and rank 1 harvest song also helps.

    20 pelts per hour is not exactly a generous rate, considering you need 160 pelts just for stage 1 of the cat tower. That's 8 hours of pelt farming just for the first level of one pet house. Even at the rate I was getting them, which was about 15 in 20 minutes before I gave up, that's 3 hours just to get one material for a level 1 pet house. Mythril is easy because you can just use synthesis duping to create mythril ingots, so you can bang out hundreds of ingots in a matter of minutes.
  • Pet Adventurer Guide

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Sorath wrote: »
    How many pet missions are you supposed to be able to do per day? It seems like if you assign pets to every mission (clear out the board, basically), there will be 4 new missions the next time to log in, regardless of how long it's been. Is this intended behavior?

    This is a known issue! It's not intended that the mission board resets at any point other than 7:00 AM PDT each day. That being said we're also aware of player feedback on how difficult it is to get special expeditions (and ultimately Pet Essential Oil) and will talk with our team about this.

    Honestly, at the intended limit of 4 missions per day without any changes made to the system, this would pretty much be worthless content outside of the occasional venture ticket you get as a dungeon/mission reward, and the meager stats from high level pet houses the min-max players want. The average reward for non-special missions is not worth investing in this extremely grindy system, in my opinion at least. I would see something like 10 missions per day being the minimum for it to be worthwhile, with 20 being good. I hope the team agrees to a meaningful way to improve this.
  • Server Merge Name Sniping

    I thought this issue was important enough to warrant its own thread; when the servers merge, and peoples' names are forcibly changed, it seems reasonable that the original name will then become available.

    Hypothetical situation: I am Sorath. I play on Mari. Another Sorath players on Tarlach/Ruairi, but they haven't logged in for four years. My name is changed to Sorath+Mari, their name is changed to Sorath+Tarlach or Sorath+Ruairi, whichever. The name Sorath is now available, as no one has the name any longer, and I have to make a pet or character with that name before someone else does (only to delete it later if/when name changes become available), or they'll have effectively taken from me part of what makes my time on this game unique.

    Essentially, because someone very unlikely to play the game again shares my name, I am forced to spend money to safeguard my own name. It seems twisted to me that someone else could become Sorath while I am stuck as Sorath+Mari.

    My hope is that either the original name becomes unavailable when the condition of someone having Name+Server apply, or that new characters will become Name+Nao.

  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - April 24th

    Hey look, my hotkeys are gone. Among other things.