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  • Questions for Fellow Guild Leaders/Members

    1. Do you run your guild based off of your original intentions or do you evolve as you move forward?
    -As someone who has had/led guilds in multiple games, evolving as you move forward is best, IMO.

    2. How often do you ask the opinions of your members?
    -Never did and it was a mistake in other games.
    3. Do you strive to please everyone or just the majority?
    -I don't know if you mean strive to please everyone/majority in guild, or every type of player in the game or just majority type players of the game.

    4. How do you keep your guild active? Is it natural or based off of your events, promises, and runs?
    -From past experience, concern over activity of the guild just ruins the game. Don't worry about what others are doing and just play, be helpful, and be open-minded to the lives of your members. It's a game, there's literally zero need to control your members, all it does is push them away and add un-needed stress to your life.

    5. Do you only strive to better members or do you play casually? (Levels, ranking skills, etc.)
    -Play casually. Work on your character and just be open to doing runs to help others out or if someone is just bored. Don't force yourself or others to do anything; play the game and enjoy it.

    6. How do you handle complaints or criticism? Do you ignore what you do not agree with or do you handle it a certain way?
    -There shouldn't be any complains or criticism. If there is, someone's taking the game way to seriously and should probably move on to another guild that does the same.

    7. How do you target active players who participate often?
    -We don't target anyone. We've never had anyone we didn't already know apply to the guild and don't intend on begging for it but if they apply, I really don't care if they want to join, just don't expect structure. I think it's easy enough to play the game with others whether or not you're in a guild. Guilds that are competitive just fuel drama; especially on such a low population game.

    8. What matters most in your guild? (Being social, having fun, being active, etc.)
    -A cool name. ;)

    -My two cents, if it's even worth that: All in all, I just think people need to play the game to have fun and reach personal goals. Yes, play with others, make friends, feel like family, but don't force rules upon others. We already have enough strict schedules, policies, laws, and such on a day-to-day basis, enjoy the little things and take a break and breather from structure and just have FUN!

    tl;dr : Life's too short and structured to worry about/control what others are doing in a game.
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  • Homestead Life Skill Update

    Gremm wrote: »
    Beans? You can get beans from a potato field?

    You can get potatoes and Big Potatoes from the HS Potato Field but ive no idea how to get beans from them. ^^"

    You need a dull weeding hoe. Apparently it doesn't work in the HS patch though.
  • Post what you just ate or what you just did

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    So...I just finished watching this
    I honestly am kinda...hyped for it.

    So...I just finished watching this - too!

    OMG! MUST SEE!!!! -eek!!!- <3_<3 [I thought I only did this for Harry Potter related things... rofl]
  • Patch Notes? THEY NINJA'D SOME STUFF IN!!!

    Another ninja move: the annoying "your specs arent enough, the game might break your pc" popup is no longer popping up, thank the Goddess.