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  • It is time to give Giants and Elves Final Hit

    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    Tayjee wrote: »
    Funded Elves are the strongest race at the moment, it's just that you guys don't have an understanding of the end game. You're probably thinking about elves without funding. Elves have the fastest clear rates through out the board on relevant content like phantasm, sidhe (mostly boss), aahm ,rahm, cahm.

    What are you even saying? Mag hits 150-200k+ crits on 0.5s cooldown, crash shots hit over 150k on main target w/ sufficient target count and 40k+ on fragments, and they also have vision for the aim buff...

    You forgot to mention that you have to drop a lot of money, which most people don't want to.
    If the players who made these elf fast-clear videos put the amount of money they invested to be able to "fast-clear" in their video descriptions, no one would even bother playing as an elf to reach that so called "end-game" (unless your priority in life is a mess)

    The secret to 150-200k mag crits is really the magnum combo cards which requires real life dollars to renew. The glove reforges and the behomian set which is pretty cheap help too but the major factor is the combo card. The weapon you'll be using itself has huge diminishing returns as you upgrade to better and better weapons.

    Yea it's pretty easy to become a "funded elf" by just getting a CRX, some sharp bolts, a Bohemian band with magnum damage, and a combo card from advancement tests. If you want to insist that elves must get a Bhafel combo then you would probably agree that humans must get floored swords, floored lance, and a tribolt on top of their final hit reforged gear. The main takeaway is that humans need to drop a lot of money as well to be better than a modest elf, but if an elf decided to also drop equal amount of money as the human then they will be stronger. Again, I'm talking about end game content like Alban/Tasm/HM dungeons, not just shadow missions, where a modest human outperforms a modest elf due to the low health.

    Right. People make it sound as tho getting a decently powerful elf require no life levels of commitment when you can become competitive in damage with about the same gear investment as a human and even outclass them if you're willing to go the length. While saving up money for ranged gear that you can just spam firebolt and lightningrod. The biggest turn-off for me is that you'd need to pay 2 bucks a month to renew your combo card and if you don't you'd lose your biggest damage multiplier.
  • Allow partner equipment repair without trade pots

    One of the things actively discouraging my use of partners is the fact that you cannot repair their equipment without a partner trading potion. If it was possible to repair their equipment we'd see players use them more often even if all they're used for is cosmetic fashionogi dolls. This means the demand for both partners and fancy clothing will go up! If you want to sell more fancy gear to players through gacha, then this is the way to do it! The additional repairs players will be doing will act as another money sink which is good for the game's economy.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Ena wrote: »
    i am not sure this time. mabinogi vs mabinogi mobile
    the later have treat in any way. more target, easy maint easy make money , and etc
    if players in korea and japan move to mabi mobile, there is no point to keep update old mabi
    if it happen that would be so sad. this last game i play and will stay til end e.e

    Mabi is still very popular overseas. I don't think there's an issue with the mobile version diverting people away from the main game. The issue is that the game isn't that popular in the west. If anything's at risk of dying it's western mabi.
  • Twilight wings will return

    The last few big MMOs didn't even last a year on sub. Mabi wouldn't stand a chance in that market.
  • Festia Instant Prize

    The item roll is probably just for show. What you get is determined by RNG.