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  • Hyper Bingo Event

    Greta wrote: »
    YellowBin wrote: »
    The wings aren't even that op, there are other sources of attack speed. They already gave out erg 35 something that easily costs 200m+ if your rng gets really bad.

    But they are gacha ones right?

    Yeah there are gacha set effects that can replace the current set effects of the wings, but there are skills in game that can also add up to the same effect up to the cap i.e relentless, candles, vivace, fh. The actual implications and effectiveness of the wings in gameplay can only be felt when using certain skills and imo isn't as game changing as being handed free erg 35 just for attendance.
  • Hyper Bingo Event

    The wings aren't even that op, there are other sources of attack speed. They already gave out erg 35 something that easily costs 200m+ if your rng gets really bad and can take a long time of grinding for free. I agree that devotion and hard work should be rewarded, but rewards like these shouldn't be too power shifting like that erg 35, I know some people who grinded and was stuck in erg 35 for a year now and feel like their work wasn't at all worth it. Prizes like these marginalizes the work meant to be done in game, but the game's rng is already harsh enough.
  • Player Made weapon skins

    It would be cool to have more unique looking weapons jump into the game. A contest for it would be cool too, similar to the clothing contests. I know that just because something wins a contest it won't necessarily added to the game- but it'll be a nice way to gauge the style of weapons the community particularly enjoy.
  • Mabinogi TCG 2.0 this needs to stop!

    MabiDuel which is the original game for those who do not know has been out for a long time now and has been quite successful. It had a pretty good written story and really fun and great gameplay.

    The problem with duel of summoners is not because it's a mabinogi tcg (mind you they have many original cards and art that is really really good) but it's the fact that duel of summoners is PRACTICALLY THE SAME GAME BUT NAMED DIFFERENTLY AND INTRODUCED AS A COMPLETELY NEW GAME. Apparently it has lowered costs of cards, and cards have an increased attack stat. But in essence it's the same gameplay mechanics, same cards, just brand new. And no you cannot transfer Mabiduel accounts to Duel of summoners because they are not the same game.

    I recommend playing on the mabiduel version lmao.
    It has more content and cards in general.
    I don't exactly know what they have planned on adding to duel of summoners besides card stat variations but so far it's just been the same game.
  • Math or something for Bingo Event

    so many acorns, that squirrel will get fat.