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  • How to Solve Inflation, But Not Really

    There is no possible third option in supply vs. demand, therefore there cannot be a false dilemma.
    Your argument about supply and demand infers this, People who contribute only to supply, people who contribute only to demand. When in reality anyone contributes to the supply and demand at the same time as a whole. Only that new players/new suppliers do not affect the supply of high end game content-unless you use them similarly to how alts are used today to let them die and carry to increase what the game supplies. They do contribute to the demand no doubt just as suppliers do as well. Therefore supply and demand are not mutually exclusive and therefore cannot be presented in a way of a dilemma. I agree that increasing the player base will not help with inflation, but more so that adding players will not change the current level of inflation.
    you're asking for there to be an authoritarian interference
    I'm not asking for there to be an authoritarian interference. Just a change in how the authority is managing future content. Like it or not the developers at Nexon and devcat ultimately decide on how something will be supplied to the player base. Through actual content they can decide the rates at which the item drops, they can place events that increase the drop rates as we've seen to increase demand or incentivize players to grind. We've seen an abnormal amount of players grinding sms during the event that dropped gacha items in shadow missions for the sg set and increasing the supply of the armor but also adversely increasing the demand for it.

    Mabinogi has implemented the latest dungeon revamp, which gives what used to be pricey and rare enchants that defined the standard back then at a guarantee. Mabinogi has had events that have given free "legendary weapons", ergs, fashionogi items, mats, which in all don't really solve inflation but helped in circulating the wealth in mabi by creating a small supply of those items that even new players can get and trade with. (except for the gold prizes this forum was founded on). Mabinogi devs already exist as the authority and interferes with the "free market" as it is, they decide what and how an item is supplied- through events and actual content.

    A cause of inflation is how the devs inject the game with new ways to generate gold and not enough of ways to spend gold and reduce the gold in the community. A cause in shift of supply is how Mabinogi handles drop rates of its items and how their decision the difficulty of the content is set to be(looking at the Taiwan leaks..). There are of course other sources of inflation such as those you have mentioned. It would be good if we can compile a list on what people think the cause of inflation is without adding any judgement and actually investigating those things.
    It is simply not possible and the evidence of this exists in reality in the many failed countries who have tried it.
    A lot of evidence and ideas that were formed in the real world have implications some in mmos, but I don't think mmos are analogous to real world markets, the closest we have is printing money except that anyone can print money in the mmo simply by killing a mob. Would it be impactful not really but it's still printing money and we've seen know in the real world how money generation leads to hyperinflation.
    There's also this weird misunderstanding people have about markets in that people believe prices are, can be, and must be set in stone.
    I think some portions of the market in the game is in fact set in stone, potions, things you can buy/sell from/to npcs with value, such as infernal blade frags(which imo contributes to gold generation). The prices themselves may not be static but the implementation of drop rates and difficulty of the content to gain supply is, there are ways to shift the efficiency of gaining supply but the characteristics of the supply is set in stone on release until the authority changes it.

    The dungeon revamp(original) was a good attempt regarding the mangled pass system and having to pay to get into the dungeons.
  • Math or something for Bingo Event

    so many acorns, that squirrel will get fat.