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October 3, 1998
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Sing, Draw, read. DeviantART: PsyychoticDani
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    Music is a beautiful thing. A beautiful sound.
  • Post what you just ate or what you just did

    I just got off MS2(Maple Story2) after building(but not finished building) my HS(:
  • Dinner (& Dessert) with Mabinogi

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    Here's a desert me and my mom used to make(since the ingredients can be expensive, this is typically a holiday desert for Thanksgiving or Christmas).
    Hershey Bar Pie

    *Gramcracker or Oreo Crust(can buy in Walmart)
    *1 tub of Cool Whip 16 oz (2 big tubs if you're making more than one)
    *1 GIANT Hershey bar(2 if you're making more than one)
    *1 pack of CREAM CHEESE(2packs if you're making more than one)
    Prep Things
    *Take the wrap off of the crusts but keep the crusts in the foils.
    *get a mixing spatula or a spoon.
    *get a microwave-safe mixing bowl.
    *get a cheese grater(if you don't have a cheese grater, get something to smash chocolate with).
    *keep all of the ingredients out.

    *Grab your mixing bowl and put half a hershey candybar in the bowl with 1 full cream cheese, Microwave for 30 seconds and stir(this will prevent you from burning the chocolate), repeat the process until everything is melted together, once melted add HALF the tub of cool whip and mix(this will be your filling).
    *Place said filling INTO the crust(it's a desert PIE after all).
    *Use the second half of the COOL WHIP and use it as a topping, EVENLY spread the cool whip until you can't see the filling.
    *Grab the cheese grater and HOVER it over the ALREADY DONE pie, grab some peaces of LEFT OVER chocolate and do what you would with cheese, that'll also be a topping.
    *Once finished 100%, put in the fridge and leave it in there too cool down over night.

    Doesn't seem too expensive.

    it is if you make more than one and don't have a lot of money.
  • Last Post Wins

    Alexa! Play Hej Monika Remix by PewDiePie ft Kizuna Ai!
    Alexa: Playing - Hej Monika Remix ft Kizuna Ai

    I die a little inside every day(:
  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Julie wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Anyway, I'm glad they're gonna try and make it so Warnings decrease over time but I'd like it if we got more information besides just that :c
    Though I guess that is a bit too much to ask for and who knows if it will even be added
    We've yet to get personal avatars after being told 'soon' about two years ago :l

    yeah sadly we got told about a lot of things and they dont get done, hopefully they fix this eventually.

    Honestly, I'm sure it can get implemented, even if it takes days, months, or even years.
    They have a list, right? like....based on that list and depending on how tough some of the coding will be for said list, it could take awhile.

    Though, with that being said, I hope to see improvement in how things are handled.
    I love this game as well as the community(I even jokingly called an admin my senpai - or something along the lines of that because it was funny in the sense of a completely different post). Point is, I hope forum rules get better, and I hope that when warned - we AT LEAST get a PM letting us know SPECIFICALLY why the warn was placed.