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October 3, 1998
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♥IGN: DANIarts♥
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Sing, Draw, read. DeviantART: PsyychoticDani
  • Percivaal's Artshop

    Percivaal wrote: »
    Marielx wrote: »
    No offense but seems a bit too expensive.
    DANNYdani wrote: »
    Marielx wrote: »
    No offense but seems a bit too expensive.

    it's understandable if it's "too expensive" for you, but he has every right to put what price he feels is worth.
    you're not just paying for the art, you're also paying for how long it takes as well as the details.

    I hope this helps let you understand.

    My apologies, and no offense taken. I edited my prices for now so hopefully it will be the happy medium between effort and expense. Thanks.

    you really shouldn't change your prices all because someone said it's too high /:
    you'll get people telling you it's too low as well, and she's posted that same exact comment on other people's posts as well.

    it may not be offensive too you but I, as an artist, take offense to people whom say things like that.
    a lot of people who say "it's too high" or "it's too low" typically gets ignored or the comment gets removed by the person they say it too.
    basically, take it with a grain of salt.

    you work hard for your artwork, you should determine it's price range.
  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)

    *cough, cough*
    I totally didn't do another Lillee art and put it up on DA
    *cough, cough*
  • ☆ freebies ☆ [requests closed]

    I love the fact you put up a poll for something like this, but honestly, I feel like you should price your art however much you feel it's worth.
    if you feel your art is worth 10-15M then that's how much it's worth, if you feel it's worth more than that or less than that, then that's how much it's worth too you.

    The reason I say that is because - even if you get people saying "It's too high D; can you lower?"
    or "It's too low, I feel like you should higher your prices" it only matters to what you think they're worth, since us as "artists" who are selling our art, our prices isn't JUST about the pieces, but how much time and effort we take into them. Think of it as a "job" you get paid hourly, correct? due to time and effort as well. Yeah :3

    so if you figure out what price you're most comfortable with and what you think the art+ your time and effort put into it is worth, then stick with it >:3

    unless ofc you don't know what you feel is worth, then I mean... a poll does help(some-what).
  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)

    Pheo wrote: »
    Hey all! The video is now uploaded if anyone wants to watch it C:

    I really wish I had this downloaded, i'd keep this in my folder xD
    Also, this is nice to have evidence like this, so if people steal your artwork(which I absolutely despise people who do so) you have evidence to back you up.

    all in all though, I really enjoyed the video and I love how you made her, she's absolutely perfect♥ and when I start doing digital art, your artworks will DEFINITELY help me practice when it comes to figures o:
    since I struggle with figures xD and body parts. but this will definitely be a good reference for me o: (though I hope you won't mind that I use it AS a reference - don't worry, I'll credit you if that's what I end up doing).
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    How dare @Hardmuscle snap by 4 day winning streak.

    oh? oWo
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