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Its always good to meet new people. People help you grow, and the variety helps a lot.
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IGN: Gembi - Server: Tarlach - Race: Female Giant - Bunnies are awesome :3
  • PvP Scoreboard + PvP Tournament + PvP Rules

    Lokitin wrote: »
    I'm not into PvP. Sometimes EvG is fun to mess around with, but I hate PvP going on record as it's usually so unbalanced (especially the past few years with so many gmod skills/equipment). That being said, I love this idea. I personally wouldn't participate, but it'd be cool to watch (and obviously other players would probably enjoy it), and 100% support enforced rules within the tournament. Do you have a more specific idea of what the rules might be like/how that might work, to make things fair?

    I completely feel you on the unbalanced part. For what I can think at this moment for rules that would be beneficial is:

    - Anyone participating will be at the same 'current' level. (Temporary cap at 200, plus 50 exploration during the tournament, and goes back to normal when finished)
    - Any unfair skills will be 'grayed' out when participating in the tournament so no one can use them. (I cannot list all of them off the top of my head. It's also a big debate too of what should be and what shouldn't be used. I hope someone who knows a lot can list them on this thread.)
    - The damage rate will always be at 1% so the duel can be fun and interesting to watch instead of ending in 1 shot kills.
    - All gear/enchants should be accepted so it can encourage players to enhance themselves. How they do it is completely up to them. Sparks creativity. Anyone can beat each other if they know how to fight. (It takes practice.)
    - Any temporary buffs from skills or potions are unusable/disable during the tournament.
    - No pets obviously.
    - No potion usage like HP, MP, or Stam.

    I am sure there is a lot more I could add here, but this is what I can think of at the moment.
    I will add more to this post when I think of more or someone mentions it in this thread. ^^

  • Your final screenshot on your server.

    Unfortunately, I changed computers recently, and only had that automatic snapshot of your character.


    I guess it's my last outfit before the merge. -sad noises-
    I am from Tarlach by the way.