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Zarozian was here! ;D


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  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    I'd give it 5 or 4 stars purely cause of the story and whoever the writer is did an excellent job, big pat on the back for that, but I probably would of give it a 1 star for those time walls. Those 20-30 minute waits are killer.

  • If I Were The Elder.....

    Holy crap. Man I hope Brilluen meets a really cruel death by the end of this, she's practically the spirit of Fashionogi in the flesh. = .=
  • If I Were The Elder.....

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    "I'll make my own world!
    With Blackjack!
    And hookers!

    In fact... forget the world!"


    You're having way too much fun. = w=
  • Post here if you're new or clueless :D

    You guys should also join his guild; Zephyria. He's a kind, noble, and generous leader/otter.
  • The Glorious Past of The Old Mabinogi Community!

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    Aquasol wrote: »

    That’s a pretty inflammatory and insulting statement to make toward other players/forum members; if I can be blunt, that kind of toxicity is uncalled for, and not conducive for someone who believes they can “fix” a perceived problem with multiple threads showing off a server in the past.

    You’re not going to win people over by insulting them or trying to force them to mold to your ideals.

    ...As a neutral party, that logic is bad. While it's true that it was "aggressive", I have in the past 24 hours seen 'certain' people post way more toxic things at other people, usually at Zaro. And to pretend the forum mods aren't a little over-correct with Zarozian is a little naive. You can call him a drama baiter, or passive aggressive, but toxic is straight bias when half his topics are met with the same few people starting the issue. Either point the finger at all parties, or point em at none.

    Personally, I'd prefer it if they were pointed at none. These forums used to be way more fun, and even back then there was Zaro and his haters and their rivalries...and that's perfectly fine to a degree. Players come to the forums less for help and more for a community to sink into, and like him or not you can already tell the forum postings are more active now that he's back. People keep throwing around the "community" being dead or reviving it, but from where I'm sitting the community is not far from where it used to just needs room to breathe. Some drama, some friendships, some silly topics about what you just ate being more active. The community pieces haven't changed all that much, the forums themselves are far less personalized and less fun than they used to be.

    Man it's almost like real life, where those who get more offended wins. Unfortunately a tough cookie like me would be rather difficult to offend, as such I have little to complain about.

    But thank you for always having my back Zephy. Ironically it's thanks to these things that I am able to find the best people, since it acts like a filter to keep those who are no good away from me anyways. = w=

    Gotta take advantage of every disadvantage! Hardwork and sheer willpower and determination will always guarantee success! = 3=

    However I don't think I will be exerting that much effort into this community anymore. I'll keep it lowkey. o 3o