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Zarozian was here! ;D


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  • Trap Queen Question

    Cellsius wrote: »
    Random question. I have played this game for several years as a female char and just let everyone assume I’m a lady and made really good friends this way. Now I’m like uhhh I wish I told them I was a dude because now I feel like I can’t tell them because they wouldn’t want to be my friends because I lied and I don’t want to only be thought of as a trap. I can’t ever do anything like discord or other stuff because obvi. Not to mention it sounds creepy as I type this out.

    Any thoughts? Should I tell everyone I’m a dude or never say anything and avoid it forever?

    My comrade. I will now begin the ultimate story of the true King of Traps!

    How everyone still loves him and even straight males feel extremely conflicted but still willingly accepted him as a true bro after finding out he is a dude....

    Ladies and gentlemen! I give you Astolfo! >;O

    Everyone loves him. = w=

    In short if you're a great person, people will love you no matter what, male or female! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOO! >;D
  • Why don't other MMOs do what mabinogi does?

    If I were to make an MMO, I'd focus on the social aspects and then the sandbox aspects with progression system like Mabi but less grindy and a lot of story.

    And give it Peria Chronicles graphics.
    [Deleted User]
  • FINALLY after a decade of waiting (KR spoilers)

    Oh the grind....
  • Why don't other MMOs do what mabinogi does?

    Well there was Runescape and it was a lot easier and less grindy than Mabi.
    [Deleted User]
  • There's Someone Who's AFK in Every Single Channel

    TNinja wrote: »
    I'm seeing someone standing near Bangor, on every single channel.


    Like. When I switch channel, I see him standing there. On the exact same spot.

    I can interact with this species too, like right click.


    Oh that is me.

    I was testing something top secret. = w=
    Nexusz[Deleted User]