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Zarozian was here! ;D


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  • Land of the Lustrous (Houseki No Kuni)

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    It seems like something i'll definitely be watching.. but as for this---> "If you haven't seen it yet, give it a darn good watch! Episode 3 at least! Don't be narrow minded like some people and skip over it just because it isn't drawn art. CGI is constantly evolving and it will completely replace hand drawn stuff in the future! That way anime production will be much cheaper to keep itself going. = 3="
    CGI WILL get better, that is correct. But it will never fully replace "drawn art" for a good bit of people still prefer that over CGI.
    but, anime is anime, people will either like certain things about it or not P:
    I just happen to like both CGI and Drawn lol. i tend to like the details ♥

    That comment was actually specifically aimed at a CGI hating grumpy liberal black cat femboy the thirteenth wannabe liberal artist lolicon crappiest friend pedo, whose name I shall not reveal.

    But yes good art like in that Heaven's Feel movie will always be great. I am sad Houseki No Kuni ended so soon...before she loses her head nad before they all go to the moon. ;(

    Welp time to look forward to that season 3.
  • When Does The Shield Ace Hero Come Out? (Vanguard)

    I believe he is known as the Vanguard? Sometimes as Iwatani Naofumi? Most known as Shield Demon or Shield hero. = w=

    He uses a big shield with some pretty awesome shield skills and etc and focuses mostly on the HP Stat, Defense stat, and STR stat for everything?

    Maybe you have heard of him? = w=


    Newest member of the Ace Heroes~ O 3O

    It's okay! Zaro is here!

    This situation can't possibly get any worse! >;O
    [Deleted User]JOKJR
  • The Official Chainblade Hype Thread

    Bah! Dex! *Spit on the floor*
    Iyasenu[Deleted User]Sheena
  • Guess Who's Back & Needs To Be Carried! ;D

    Nilrem wrote: »
    The Ace named Merlin, obviously.

    I'm pretty sure he comes back because of the new Chain Slash Ace lady.

    I was hoping to never see him again after Saga 2.

    Noooooo- Coincidentally yes- But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    It is meee! Zaroooo! ;D

    I need to be carried! >;O

    Things have been so boring lately and I login to Mabi after watching this anime that a friend suggested that I watch after so long to see this; unknown.png

    So then I come back and found out that there's still quite a lot of people playing, but no one of any real interest or sociable like the people who used to play in the past~

    So I need some new friends and maybe reconnect with some old ones if they are still around! ;D

    Add Zarozian if you are on Alexina! I am still painfully deleting old hurts so much to do so... ;(