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June 4, 1900
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    Gaea wrote: »
    Yeah something isn't right, week after week it's the same two guilds. Every, single, week. I once tried to join that dunbarton guild, but they wouldn't approve my application. I eventually found out it was because certain people knew I reported other players for illegal activity. So when the guild officer says some people are "uncomfortable" with me being in the guild; it means they are possibly doing something against the ToS and if they let me join I would find out and potentially report them.

    I really hate stirring up drama but I feel like this needs to be addressed.

    I don’t really understand your vendetta against my guild. It’s been at least a month since we rejected your app; we didn’t mean any hard feelings and tried to let you down lightly. You’ve seem to have taken it to heart, however we maintain our decision to reject your application. Your slam campaign against us is toxic af and our members are undeserving of such blatant accusations and threats. We have every right to accept or decline any application. You have a poor attitude and reputation in the community so we decided to decline your app. We’ve had our share of troublemaking members that we’ve let go in the past and prefer to keep our guild drama free with like minded individuals; which is why all new members are vouched for.

    Instead of spreading rumours and being passive aggressive towards us, why don’t you put together a team and actually contest the dunbartons guild war. It’s literally the same 2 guilds because no one else is willing to play.