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  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    It's that simple, give us the option to pay with NX for a race change coupon just like a homestead change coupon. I just don't want to be an Elf anymore, Human is just so much better in my opinion. I know we aren't ever getting a revamp/polish, I've accepted that now. This is the next best thing that's most likely to happen (I hope). It's not like choosing a class in MapleStory, every race doesn't have a completely different set of skills, just a couple extra. Final Shot would Become Final Hit and Mirage Missile would become Arrow Revolver. The only thing is you would have to let the nonhuman races choose their alignment so they won't have to repeat Generations 2 and 3. Maybe even add in a brief quest. There could be a limit per month and you would have to be a certain level to use it, who knows. The concept sounds simple enough to me. It's odd because you would think with all the freedom and options we have available, race changes would just be a given but unfortunately not.
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    I wish Nexon would give elves some attention and make a revamp for once. If they ever added a race chage option I would go human in an instant. I'd rather be a jack of all trades than a mediocre specialist. The racial bonuses we do have arent anything substancial (outside of the lvl 100 buff) for the classes we are supposed to be better at and our elf only skills are underwhelming at best. At rank 1, magic missile doesn't even do 400 damage. I can do the same amount of damage but faster with one icebolt cast. Its a joke, a throwaway filler skill. Just ignore elves and continue to buff giants every single year. I don't even care anymore.
  • [UPDATE] Light and Darkness Event

    Please extend this event until December 5th. When I first started the main event quest I didn't get the daily impure shard quests for at least 3 days. It would really help if I had more time to complete the entire quest. I really want to finish it. Thank you!