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please spare my noob soul,
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    honestly? i'm so satisfied with the new auction system now in place that i think i'm totally good! really,it's exactly what i personally needed to sell items and could not be happier with it!

    oh! well idk if this counts as a revamp,and they are kinda doing this already! especially with the new gacha that i love! but i would love more available clothes that are actually cute for the male character models! loving the eluned stuff!

    but also,heres the thing? why are things like,hats,bracelets,shoes,character model specific a lot of the time?
    again dunno if that counts as a revamp but would love for more things to be unisex! i mean,i bought gacha for the first time in forever and likely the last time for forever because we actually got some (m) wearable cute clothes!

    let us have more cute unisex stuff for the male character models pls! or just like! more eluned stuff!

    also! OBVIOUSLY we are in huge need of more skin tone diversity!

    also having more options or just that hair dye nx item that was available back but permanently in the cash shop this time would be very nice,not that important tho
    (little rant tho honestly... w h y would they make more hair colors available but not skintones? i mean i know it's because adding more skintones isn't as profitable but when you take into considering people actually wanting to play this game bc their skintone is represented it kinda pays for itself! or just,if they already play,make an elf,bc more characters often means more spending money if you play on more than one character!

    but like,for real! i've seen other people complain about the skin tone thing too and its really blah!

    i mean,at least it's not animal crossing new leaf bad,where your only skin tone option is literally..pale while..but yeah!
  • Static noise in Dunbarton

    i really hope this gets fixed for all of you soon,i honestly couldn't help but laugh even though i really do genuinely hope you find a solution because it sounds like a horror movie title "static in dunbarton"the new hit horror movie and the sound even sounds kind of eerie to me! it's like a mix of both unsettling and goofy! hopefully the maintenance going on today fixes this for you all! best of luck! <3
  • how do i start g9 or skip g8 please please help!!!

    @Leilicia thank you so much i'll be leveling up as fast as i can! and i actually didnt know that because i tried changing channels (a method i saw in a video) and that didnt work but i tested that way out and it works! thank you so much again!
  • best pet for a battle companion?


    omg yeah!!! that thicc birb is so adorable and i love it dearly,unfortunately i've heard it won't be going on sale again do to copyright issues (because its from an anime?) but it is definitely the best mount to me because it's just so cute and precious!! and thank you for the input! i will definitely keep the fairies in mind for when they next go on sale!