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January 8, 1997
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Adulthood is paradoxically absolutely terrifying yet disappointingly repetitive at the same time.
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22 year old professional slacker.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started in January 2016 so I'm by all means new in comparison to a lot of you but all that means is I was late to the party. This is the first MMO I've gotten seriously into and I outlevelled the friend who got me involved a long time ago (15k~/2k~); and at first I didn't want to get involved because the game looked "stupid", well two or so weeks later and I relented, I downloaded and made a character and now nearly 3 years after the fact, I'm still here.

    Specifically though, the way combat and skills are handled is really nice, even though the game is from 2003-2004 it still has a charm to it graphically, and content can be really fun to run. I was big on trading in Team Fortress 2 so the market was a nice touch too; and I haven't done it in a while, but composing is fun to do, I actually love making music for people to play or listen to.

    I've met a lot of cool people that I talk to frequently, including my girlfriend (yesterday marked a year that we've been together), and I've introduced the game to other people too. I'm generally here to stay, this game's too sentimental to me to quit for good. So people I run into in Dunbarton will still have to listen to my really bad jokes, but hey sometimes they're good jokes, I promise!