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I am currently working on Mastery of all skills. I have several already mastered, and a BUNCH that are R1 I have finished the Advent of the Goddess story line and I am on the last quest for Alchemist. I have also finished : Iria the Saga Part 1, Kinda got stuck on part 2 and haven't been back to finish it I will eventually though. I am on the Tarlac server and either on Channel 2 , or selling on Channel 7. I try to stay logged in even while I am at work, as my work schedule varies it is easiest to note me on the server. IGN : Meavepagan. Married to Moondoggy 2 in game and he just happens to be my real life husband


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May 19, 1957
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Final Hit is awesome. Let's go kill stuff.
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I have been Playing since July 2014. I absolutely LOVE Mabinogi.
  • [PART 4] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    Crims wrote: »
    It's not that hard to do fossil restoration, especially for this event. A friend from a guild discord channel taught us a really simple technique that allows you to get it done within the timer. Clear a frame boarder first, and then clean up the rest. It does not have to be perfect. Just not too much red and as much white as you can clear.

    See? It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be good enough to pass. You don't get anything extra from doing a perfect job.

    I tried it that way 35 times today and NONE of them passed. ALL failures. I hate this even.and I just as well give up because I only have 9 das to do it 5 times a day and I will be short 1 day from trying to do it and not getting it. The event is a wash for me. not going to complete it now so no goodies at the end. OH well
  • Events/Sales Heads-Up! 3/7/19

    ShouK wrote: »
    Curious if anyone even do the valentine day cake event lol I did it once on day 1, got junk, never did it again

  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - December 19th

    How long is the additional maintenance going to be? I can't wait to get back in game... So excited the Holiday dungeon is back. YAY!!!
  • Pls increase the Pet limit again by more than 50

    Well I did it I reached the limit. Now I have to decide which pets to delete. This truly sucks the big one. I don't want to be forced to give up pets. Most of them have items in them. I don't know how I got to 200 when I was at 185 and only got one Bull from the XO event. guess the first things to go are the ones I got when I started playing this game
    to bad I cant trade them to my alternate characters on the account IF they allowed the characters on the same account to own different pets that might be a xoloution too.
  • Pls increase the Pet limit again by more than 50

    How does one track 200 pets?

    I track mine mostly by using the favorites tabs in the pet menu.
    I have one tab for all pets that hold clothes, tools, weapons, event items ( like holidays etc,) and 1 for my currently empty pets when I need to store something fast. then If I am looking for a particular tool, I don't have to go through all of my pets to find it. It took me 2 days to organize it this way but so far it is well worth it.