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  • Best economy update ever(Auction House discussion)

    Love the new auction house. One thing -- Can you add a "relist" button that will relist an item using the previous settings? Would make it much easier when things don't sell in a day.
  • Tiny chests in Festia?

    It's the "Festia Treasure Hunt Event", and it runs for like 10 minutes, once per day. You need to get a key from Fez and find the chest that matches it, I am told.
  • There's too many wings in gachas now.

    LOL, every fashion trend passes. Wings are not special, and you are not special for having some. I finally bought a pair of wings a month or so ago, my first and only ones. Miniopterus wings for a sexy succubus look (They are the best wings for this IMHO). Other than that there have been maybe 2-3 wings I thought looked nice. Mostly they are garbage that people with bad taste buy to look rich.
  • 44 STEAMPUNK boxes for 4 STEAMPUNK items.

    Sheena wrote: »
    Oh you love your pets? back in the day there was something called "walking from Tir to Bangor" just to not risk your gear with Ferghus "THE DRUNKEN GEAR DESTROYER" and forget about 24/7 moon gates.

    24/7? I remember when the Moon Gates all just went to a specific place each day, not wherever you chose. Thank god for housing coupons back then...

    I also remember walking my human from Tir all the way down to Port Ceann, taking the boat to Iria, then walking from Qilla to Filia just so I could make a free elf. Then walking to Vales for a Giant. Before I learned about getting a ride and just tagging a mana tunnel. >_<