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  • Alchemy Utility and reworks

    Make Revenant/Perseus Cylinders, Erg it to 50, enchant your entire gear with alchemy boosts and obtain nice reforges.
    When you do, come back and re-read your post. You'll laugh at yourself.

    It's unfortunate that you have to have the literal best possible things to be able to make some use out of a skillset. IMO, this is bad design. Like, alchemy is powerful when you have the best possible things, but it's pretty weak outside of that. And also, most of its utility is negated in more recent content like the Tech Duinn missions... so what's your point?
  • Kerune Boss Solved

    Out of curiosity, what exactly does completing this "mini game" so-to-speak do? From what I've seen, it seems like it makes the boss significantly easier to kill, but I would love if someone could confirm that for me.

    EDIT: Oh and I almost forgot! Thanks for the information! It's very helpful.
  • anyone here from 2008?

    I think I started in 2009... Maybe 2008. I was REALLY young when I started though. I remember being too afraid to actually fight things (the first year I started) because the bears spooked me, haha... But those were the days; when Mabi was more focused on the social aspect of things. Nowadays, the focus is more on being OP, lol. The social aspect died years ago, but the gameplay is much more interesting, and you don't have to rely solely on cheese to progress anymore. The only issue is that you need to keep striving to be OP, lol. Cause in the endgame content, you'll be able to do things, but only if you put time into you gear and leveling.
    Anyways, welcome back! The newest generations have, imo, been pretty boring. But the content before the latest chapter (before g22) is pretty great! So give it all a try and see if you stick around. :)
  • Ego revamp

    I think I remember seeing someone answer this question in another post, so I'll forward you what they had said in that post.

    Essentially, when doing any action that may destroy a spirit weapon (such as +6 or +7 upgrade), if the weapon is destroyed, a Remembering Spirit Stone, that essentially contains your Spirit weapon in it. From there, you can take that stone and put it into a new weapon.

    I hope this helped you out! I'd definitely reccommend though - always use protection, unless you don't have much to lose from the weapon!
  • What is the point of Dan-Testing HE/MC?

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    *good info*

    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for the clear and concise information! I think i'll end up getting the master title for magic craft and then dan it afterwards. As for hillwen engineering.. I'll probably shoot for dan 3 eventually...but not anytime soon. It's really weird how HE gives a max quality bonus but magic craft doesn't. Anyways, thanks again for all the helpful information!