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  • Fall Homestead Items

    Baskets of different sizes filled with various types of fruits and vegetables
    Table and chairs with a thanksgiving feast on it
    Trees with a squirrel running up and down it, or an owl hooting (1x1 or 2x2 so we can put grass and objects closer to the trunk?)
    Wagon full of pumpkins
    A decorative campfire that you roast marshallows if you sit at
    Stepping stone pathway (not a perfect square like the Halloween Flagstones)
    Deer grazing
    Rabbit poking their head out of a tunnel
    Fox yawning and sleeping
    Bird feeder with a bird or two on it
    Wind chimes

    (Used google for the images, if that's ok. Can remove the links if not)
  • G21 Face To Face Part 2

    There's a few more things I can suggest but it mostly depends on you increasing your stats. What you have currently is enough, but your stats are too low to take advantage of it;

    Stats will get you farther than just having the skills, so you may need to take a break from this mission to increase your INT and STR. Especially to get any new skills you're using to r1(you can nitpick what skills to rank for those stats here -> )
    And for all its worth, don't AP train skills. When I did G21 at 2.9k, I had nearly 1000 DEX and close to 1300 when linked. 1AP = 200k roughly. You should only AP train when the gold you'd save is far more than the amount you would have spent manually training it.

    Continue investing into alchemy. There was a player that killed the doppleganger with Hydra Transmutation alone(he had a master title for it equipped), which is why I think if you got hydra to r1 and used magic you'll be good. Spinning Uppercut(fighter skill) lowers defense as well, which makes the Firebolt and Final Hit combo really strong.

    You may need to do some Shadow Wizard runs and invest in cheap gear with slightly higher attack then you currently have. While you can't get a better wand, you could get a better Cylinder or swords. You don't need to go crazy and get anything over 1m, though, as you just need the base damage. Everything else is icing on the cake.

    Magic doesn't wound, so it's not the easiest to rely only on that, as you give the doppleganger the ability to regen his whole hp bar. It'll only work by itself if you have crazy amounts of damage from max INT and really, really good gear.
    But if you used Final Hit on top of Spinning Uppercut, it should do more than enough wound damage(still, I'd suggest at least 800 STR to get better crit damage, which will make larger wounds). I think you have the damage if you play your cards right, just the doppleganger is healing a huge chunk of what you're dishing out.

    If you don't have any grandmaster talents, I'd suggest going after them now in anything you have a master talent in. It's free to get the seals, you get a decent amount of gold from some of the missions, and the master talents give you extra stats. Can take 7-20 days to get a grandmaster depending on how many quests you do in a day, more if you skip any day. If you're still on this by the time you get the grandmaster, that should be the boost you need to complete it. Would extra suggest grandmaster for magic, alchemy and warrior, though any life talents are still good too if they give INT and STR.

    There's a lot of Pet Rebirth Potions going around for around 100k, varying every day. You might have gotten one from the Puck spins. Since you're training skills anyways, whenever you hit level 60 go ahead and train your pet in Nowhere to Run. Be sure to use Divine Link during it. Combat x2 potion (the 10min are 25k each) + Baltane Mission Crystal(Shaun sells them) can get you to level 150 in 15-20minutes. If you can get your pet to at least level 120, Divine Link with that pet will give you even more stats and help you in the mission much more. You'll want to get the pet to 120+ before it's Age 3 for the most STR, I believe.

    TLDR; If you get STR to 800+ and INT over 1k, you should be solid. You've got the skills you need, just finish ranking them then get your stats better so the skills are more effective.
  • Post what you just ate or what you just did

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    How to prove earth is flat

    1. Go outside, put a ruler on the ground
    2. the ruler doesn't fall over?
    3. WHERE'S THE CURVE???!?!?!
    4. Earth is flat, with proof.
    5. Haters will say its fake.

    If the time stamp doesn't work, go to 2:32
  • practice freebies c:

    Hope you don't mind, I used your FFXIV character to practice drawing ruffles in dresses. They're my weakness, aha. It's a bit messy and the dress hid most of the anatomy, regardless hope you like it~ <3
  • A poem about dan tests

    How about a poorly written Shakespearean sonnet for your ears?
    A simple one about the many times I've seen him die inside.
    The many nights he's slaved away, wondering if it would take years
    to see the satisfaction of Dan Rank 1 Magnum Shot finally abide.

    It's a simple tale about a smile gone wry, only to falter.
    You see he tries this test daily and the rewards still allude him.
    Yet no matter how many failures, he's never a defaulter.
    Such tenacity is admirable despite his patience falling slim.

    But how painful it is to watch!
    95%, 80%, it all means nothing to this test!
    Miss after miss, only to continuously botch
    a simple task that many can attest.

    And after the day is said and done,
    a logout of defeat for only just one.