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  • Wait what's with those wigs?!....

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Please NX, all we want is to stand beautifully in dunby oiling up each other's gorgeous chiseled naked bodies with really great hair. Let us have that. *Que a bunch of giants in tiny swim suits flexing in the corner*.

    In b4 "oil up!" gesture.

    Sold in gacha, of course.

    Don't forget there will be a second, more rare verison that lets you oil a friend. And of course, if they have it too, there's sunlight special effects to show off how shiny you've become.
  • Friends List Update

    Sounds pretty good~ I would love the last login timer, and for the blacklist to be updated. It'd be really nice if I could chat mute certain players without blacklisting them. Perhaps the chat mute is temporary and only lasts a couple hours or a day. That way I don't need to clutter the blacklist with bots spamming the chat. At the very least, it'd be sweet to see the blacklist be a separate list altogether so it could be organized from bots to actual players, without impeding on the username limit in the friends list.

    Only one I don't see a need for is the stars. You can right click "ETC" and make groups, title them whatever you want, then right click usernames and move them into the other groups. The ETC becomes the default group usernames are put in when you add a friend. As long as you're up to date with it, it should be pretty easy to keep things organized.
  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    I know repair fee takes good part of gold sink. I'm not saying that repair fee needs to completely be gone. I think it needs to be at reasonable rate.

    People meme about the market being inflated but it actually would be if the equivalent gold didn't get put somewhere else for a gold sink.
    I have done almost everything to make money yet literally 'Nothing' can profit you off when you decide to use luxury expensive fee weapons. People say then switch to cheaper weapon when you run easy stuff. What kind content deserve this luxury weapon then? Since there's nothing you can do to profit off with that weapon.

    You answered your issue right there. It's a luxury and in no way required or necessary. If you need it to complete the content, you probably have something else you can improve instead.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Don't millitians choose their appearance anyways? Of course it'd be smarter to try and blend in with the population, but there's really no need to when most NPCs know you're different anyways. Pretty strange that you can't pick any skin tone you want.
  • Generation 21: The Final Chapter Events!!!