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  • Mabinogi Campfire Announcements from Dec 1st Event

    Is it possible to sell a name reserve card? I am willing to buy one if available.
  • Server Merge? Yes PLEASE

    Helsa wrote: »
    Who is HE?

    Good question! Since this is a merged thread, the choices are:
    1) Anngiekinz: a solid "HE" name,
    2) Janghala: who never actually said in their post that they are a Tarlachian,
    3) God: under grammar rules He, with a capital letter is reserved for God.
    4) HE: a member of the "They" family. That's the same family in sentences like, "They say that . . ."

    Or could be related to HE-man
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started playing Mabinogi in 2008, during the Beta stage. This game used to get loads of hype. I was introduced by my old high school friends so I hooked up by it. It was challenging and fun. I remembered the time where I paired up with other players through dungeons without going solo. There are many features that most MMORPG does not have during that time. Life skills, rebirths, and many more! The storylines used to be epic that related to the theme but it switched in and out. It really hard to find someone to speak to. I made plenty of friends, rivals, and my boyfriend but most are inactive. Nowadays, most people are afking and the server feels so empty; it is not what Mabinogi used to be.

    Why am I still playing Mabinogi for 10 years? Because it is the only game where I feel the connection through my character's journey, from being a noobie to senior. There's something about my character being special. I am getting rusty but I am still playing it at least not much to do. Mabinogi feels so outdated now and praying at least get some renovation of beginner's guide and hairstyles (who want those beginner's hairstyles?).
  • Cherry Blossom Box

    It's not even spring yet....
  • Can we have a break with the gachas?

    I'm fine with gacha but soon I'm going to fed up if releasing like every two to three weeks. I need to stop spending my allowance.