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March 23, 1997
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I just enjoy selling and buying
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  • we lost a player of tarlach today v.v

    Drstylish, Bless you for being a part of mabi. The few times we where able to speak or run anything together where fun. I hope now you can rest easy without pain.... The mabi community will always remember you <3 Rest easy now. Your pain is gone, And you can do anything you want to now!

    Foxiee, Your friend.

    You will be missed very much.
    CrimsọnRadiant Dawn
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Like. I Fully support this! (This is gonna sound so racisit) But we can have black humans. Black giants. But NO Black ELVES!? sure in mith and lore they arnt for like 99.9% of it. But come on this is MABINOGI your suposed to like be able to get the look of your dreams here its a "Fantasy LIFE" :) :) :) :) <3 You have my yes <3
  • Dungeon Drop %'s Suck.

    So, Hi. Foxiee here again. UM Haven't y'all noticed how when we run a dungeon we get like Sheeeeeeeeet tier rewards? Like CRYSTALS!?!?! I spent like. 30-50 min in this place to get a Water/Wind/EArth/Fire and the common arrat crystal??? Not even dungs even SM's like HELLO???? In like. Me doing like AAHM (Alby ADV HM) and RAHM (Rundal ADV HM) I have only ever gotten TWO Amplified alchemy crystals. 4 Broken seal chains. 10 Forgotten Mage Gems. And One 3/3 Hebona Cric. And only 2 ES's (Exclusive) ANd I run like almost every frigging day!!!!!

    Phantasm Points:
    Y'all know of the insanely GODLY Soluna blade right? OFC you do! Now heres the kick to the imaginary -cough-
    In about 6 months of almost constant running for MY Server. this is all I have seen for even anything OF this dung.
    One New ES, ONE FULL Succubus Queen Set. two Feind wings. ONE LUNITE. and well thats it. (Tarlach) Like. OH MY GOD. This is nasty! Not to mention like the Destruction ROBE? The PATTERNS???? The BLACKSMITH MANUAL???? RIP. Soluna aint EVER happening with these %'s. I watch youtube a LOT for Mabinogi. And even in KR. Ive only seen ONE Destruction robe. like leme list off these mats for a second here for diffrent items. Not just Phantasm stuff.

    Soluna Blade:
    Solite x 100
    Lunite x 100
    Fate Fragment x 50
    Dawnblade x 1
    Duskblade x 1
    Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone x 5
    Eweca Red Upgrade Stone x 5 <-- May i remind you the req for these?
    (Red Upgrade Stone × 5
    Awakened Strength Powder × 5
    Awakened Strength Fragment × 3
    Awakened Strength Crystal × 1) and only a 40% Chance at r1 :) !

    Sewing Pattern (Male is exactly the same) -
    Destructive Robe (F):
    Materials Needed
    per Attempt:
    10 Finest Silks
    7 Finest Fabrics
    10 Tough Threads
    20 Broken Magic Essence
    10 Rich Chaotic Rune
    Finishing mats:
    5 Finest Finishing Thread
    10 Braid
    15 Enchanted Thread

    Before i even jump into like Celtic Weps. You get my point but heres ONE Celtic Wep for example :) ! %to even make it is 13% From Wiki.
    Celtic Tetra Cylinder:
    Materials Needed
    per Attempt:
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Mythril Ingot x 8
    Ruptured Black Metal x 3
    Amplified Alchemy Crystal x 1
    Finishing stuff:
    Shining Crystal Shard x 6
    Large Nail x 4
    Incomplete Seal Emblem x 4
    I Think I made my point. So also another point I Have to share. Is ither we raise %'s OR. (ALL CREDIT TO WYSE/REGINAR I SAW HIM SAY IT FIRST)
    What about a token shop? You earn tokens by running the dungeon itself. Even phantasm. And put the rewards up for XXXX Ammount of tokens. Make it a lot still. But not like INSANE. Sound nice? Like slightly more fair way to get mats into the market. And for players to be able to actually MAKE these insane lovely pretties *Drools* Ok back to reality of things. Our %'s Are absolutely nasty. They honestly are you can't argure that. Even like. just normal random drops suck. So honestly can we have this? Vote below !!!!!! <3
  • Dye Removal

    If this was a thing I would have saved millions of gold XD Yes please lol!
  • whitewizard 2nd annual Nexon Giveaway

    Foxiee - Rafting ~