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  • Name Changes

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Thora ~ In order for this to even be feasible, it'd have to be automated. If you graze over this topic even slightly, you won't find many people saying it can't be done. Not even myself. That's not the argument and this is not KR. This has been discussed for the past 10 years, many times.

    Which was exactly my point when I said this:
    Hazurah wrote: »
    confusing isnt it?, the most basic part of MMORPG does not exist in the game

    Considering the fact that KR has a team dedicated to monitoring each request, as well as fraud checkers... Nexon NA is probably not in a state to release it at this time.
    If they had implemented it several years earlier, they would have had the additional human resources available to do so.
    Right now they aren't matching up in any popularity contests, so finding capable employees is probably going to be difficult, unless there's just one person who can handle the mountains of time it'll take.
    There's just so much that needs to be done to keep Mabinogi up to date and modern, that it probably seems like something Nexon KR or NA doesn't really think needs to be added immediately.

    The fact that it's relatively easy for KR to do this with multiple teams for different things means that it's not impossible.
    Rather, it's more difficult for NA to do this, simply because they aren't as strict, or public on community fraud with an entire team dedicated to it.
    (IE- Wall of ShameKR's)
    Instead, NA likely just uses the GMs and any other members on the technical side who communicate with the instigators and reporters via emails.
    This means that any player who spends $10-$30 on a name change after being rude, profane, or scammy, will still be out there with a different name, but the investigation may take longer with a shorter staff than KR has. (Even with the 30 day limit.)
    KR has naming rules in place that could work here, but only if NA actually had enough people available to fraud check and review.
    Product Link and KR summary of Service:

    So... the argument is that Nexon NA isn't ready / doesn't have the necessary team for monitoring the name changes and such.... right?..
    Then why do they have the what it takes for NA's MapleStory?... if i remember well, this was an event item from the "V Shop" which was in game! you honestly think they tried to investigate every name change on a massive server event? hmmm o.O

  • Merge NA/KR/JP/CN/TW together. Did I miss any?

    암호 wrote: »
    You'd have to be puttin' your markets in Tir, Filia, Vales, and Qilla because of the lack of market space.

    or probably and simply... merge all servers, and create big loads of channels, for example:
    CH1-CH20 KRs best ping
    CH21-CH30 TW's...
    CH31-CH40 JP's..
    CH41-CH51 NA's.. and so on..

    anyone can log in at any channel, for marketing porpouses, but about the gameplay and your ping, that be up to you, so you obviously want to do dungeons on ur region's channels, altho you still get the chance to have fun with the diversity of players/culture/religions/language ! (which is a really really fun thing to enjoy and live with while gaming, if it wasn't because of this, i wouldn't have some basic knowledge of english and traditional chinese, when my native language is spanish! ..)
  • Merge NA/KR/JP/CN/TW together. Did I miss any?

    i have my main character in Beanfun's TW Mabi's, which used to be a Gamania's hosted game...
    this be all up to DevCat and Nexon Korea, i highly doubt something like this would come possible, due to the differences in content, pets, items, latency (ping) per region, etc..

    this would be nice though, a single server with many many channels to pick from, and each channel has a better ping for X region in the worldwide community of players.

    i miss TW Mabi and its crowded channels and market, but oh well, yeah this would be awesome if it was possible <3...
  • It is time to give Giants and Elves Final Hit

    Eralea wrote: »
    Fun fact: Maike has Final Hit in his Saga Ep9 RP quest.

    I don't see why other elves can't learn it! NPCs are such cheaters.

    i would tolerate FH on elves ONLY with daggers along with some sort of Dagger Mastery and a Thief Talent... <3
    (common, the dagger's concept has been ignored for years, wouldn't that be cool?...)