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  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Luckborne
    Server: Alexina

    i was watching videos about decorative soap earlier


    It was the little things that the Milletian appreciated the most in life, more than any grand bout of heroism.

    Little things, such as sampling another one of Altam's baked confectioneries as another day passes idly by in Avalon Gate. The squire's training schedules were set, the budget drafted up and passed onto Shuan to look over, leaving not much else to do but continue to wait for intel on their next move. Although, he worries as he plucks a nice, plump, cinnamon roll off the tray offered to him, if he keeps indulging like this without doing much training himself, well...

    He shudders to think of what Avelin would say if the Milletian started getting a bit plump. Maybe he should run some laps after this. Yeah. Laps sounds good.

    "Wait, wait, wait--"

    "Yes?" The Milletian responds, taking a nice chomp out of it.

    "That -- I was just saying that wasn't food!"

    And that wasn't a soft, warm cinnamon roll he was sinking his teeth into -- it was hard. Soapy. The revulsion of decorative soap sweeps across his taste buds and he gags hard, once, twice, before fishing out the chunk he carved out from his mouth, the taste still lingering in his mouth. Gross. It looked better than it tasted.

    Altam winces. "You're... the second person to try eating that today."
  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    I wanted to make my homestead into a chill, forest-y area where my pets can kick back and relax amongst the flowers. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


    IGN: Luckborne
    Server: Alexina
  • Homestead Size Adjustment

    I have the largest homestead size and now I wish I didn't.

    It'd be neat if we could adjust our homesteads size as we wished. (similarly to MS2, where you can make it larger/smaller through a menu)
    I'd like to have something more cozy again. :')
  • Server MARGE Meme Submission


    edit: was told by some people that alexina isn't immediately recognisable so added some colour to my submission. :notlikethis: hopefully that makes her easy to recognise

    original (lol monochrome) ver can be found here though.

    Server: Alexina
    IGN: Luckborne
  • Idle Animation Slot for Style Tab


    I sometimes find myself liking some idle animations, but not the outfit they're assigned to.
    It'd be nice if there was another slot in Style Tab where we can just apply another outfits idle to the outfit we're wearing.

    eg. Applying the Afternoon Tea Jacket (M) idle to the Eluned Magic Academy Robe for Juniors (M) - instead of casting magic, the character now drinks tea. Something like that.

    We can already simulate this by previewing outfits in the Dressing Room but it's only client sided. :^(