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  • Events/Sale Heads-Up! 9/24/20

    It's that time again, Milletians! This week with our maintenance on Thursday the 24th, we'll be saying farewell to a couple events and a gachapon.

    Let's start things off big with the Master Plan Event. Make sure to take advantage of those training buffs for the until Thursday and don't forget to turn in those Summer Coins for your prizes and if you want to rebirth into a Hero Talent those should still be free. Also if you rented any weapons, don't forget that those will go away with the event!

    Master Plan Event:

    Next up is the Connous Beach Vacation Event! Make sure you turn in your Vacation Coins for your prizes like the wonderful Mojito that grants you 50 ap per drink or the Long Island Ice Tea which is a 2x Complete Skill Potion and the June Bug which is like a 500% Golden Fruit, there's also the Soldier gear! Also don't forget about your Magical Pieces or the mini games with the Fun Fun Carts.

    Connous Beach Vacation Event:

    Leaving the Cash Shop this week is the Modern School Uniform Box so make sure to pick up a stack before they're gone!

    Modern School Uniform Gacha:

    Autumn begins tomorrow on the 22nd, so here's hoping we see some new events for the season! That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • Master Plan Heads-Up! 9/17/20

    Well, this is a rather unique week for us, Milletians! No events or sales are ending this week, so this will be only an update on the Master Plan!

    That said, this coming week after the maintenance on Thursday the 17th will be the last week of the Master Plan event, which ends September 24th (two days into Autumn, so I bet we'll be seeing some Autumn-themed events coming)! The bonuses of this coming week are the same as this one: 2x AP and 2x All Skill Training. Weekend Hot Day Prizes are: Lucky Red Upgrade Stone Box (Saturday), Fine Reforging Tool Box and Homestead Stone Mining Permit Box (Sunday). In addition to the above, the Monday Summer Coin Shop will be open all week until maintenance on the 24th.

    That's all for the Heads-Up this week! Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • Event Heads-Up! 9/3/20

    Hi, Milletians, it's that time again! With this week's maintenance, we're saying farewell to the Shining Hearts Event! Make sure to get your quests done with the little spirits and get your prizes!

    Shining Hearts Event:

    That's the only thing ending this week!

    Moving on to the Master Plan changes. Starting Thursday after the maintenance, the bonuses change to 2x Combat EXP and All Skill Rank Up Bonus +10. Hot Days Prizes are as follows: Trade Unlock Potion Box (Saturday), Partner Trade Potion Box (Sunday), Cotton Candy Flower Whistle Box (Monday).

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • Events/Sales Heads-Up! 8/27/20

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! We have a couple events and one sale ending this week!

    First is the Pet Trainer Event! We got an extra week for it, but the end date is this Thursday's maintenance, barring any last minute changes! So turn in your Fynn Bell Coins Wednesday night at the latest so you can get your items! Also turn in those "lucky" coupons to Kenny so you can get those last minute prizes. Hope everyone got what they were after!

    Pet Trainer Event/Kenny's Coin Shop:

    The Mag Mell Expedition Support Hot Days are ending with the upcoming maintenance, so make sure to stack those Sweet Rose Petals to ten and get your title coupon! It gives +35 luck and a nifty visual effect (hover your cursor over the Sweet Rose Title Coupon in blue on the page linked below to see it).

    Mag Mell Expedition Support Hot Day:

    Regarding the Sales portion, we're saying farewell to the Marine Basket Gachapon! If you're looking to get anything from this box (I got a cute ukulele!) be sure to pick up some before they leave us!

    Marine Basket Gachapon:

    Moving onto the Summer Master Plan. Milletians, if you've been needing to rank something, after Thursday's maintenance until the following maintenance is when to do it! Not only do we have 2x All Skill Training, but we also get an extra skill bonus of +10! Also this weekend and Monday's hot time giveaways are as follows: Skill Training Seal (50) Box (Saturday), Credne's Reforging Tool Box (Sunday), Blue Prism Box Chest (Monday).

    We're near the tail end of August, everyone! September 22nd is the start of Fall/Autumn, so we should hopefully start seeing new fall-themed items soon! I know I'm done with the Summer, but that's me (it needs to cool down already...). That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!

  • Event Heads-Up! 8/20/20

    UPDATE: Pet Trainer Update Event has been extended by a week!

    Master Plan this week also changes its bonus to 2x AP and All Skill Rank Up Bonus +10. Saturday, the prize is the Pet Rebirth Potion Box and, Sunday, it's the Green Prism Box Chest.

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone! =D