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  • I hate to bring this up again but...

    To be honest, I would like to see Neamhain again as well, especially as how so much of what has happened has effected Iria as a whole what with the Cessair causing trouble and wanting to get revenge on her, it's weird that she DIDN'T show up somewhere in Saga 2 or the following content.
  • Sales Heads-Up! 1/28/2020

    Hey, Milletians, it's a short one this week as the only thing ending is the Ailionoa Haute Box. So if you want to aim for any of the prizes in this gacha, make sure to pick up a stack! Prize listing in the link below.

    Ailionoa Haute Box:
  • Event Heads-Up! 1/21/2021

    It's that time again, Milletians! This week it's only the Winter Fishing Event ending so this will be a short notice. Help Jan get food for his little seal buddy by fishing up Glacier Smelt and get some nice prizes in the process! Bring him a total of 300 glacier smelt to get all the milestone prizes listed in the link below and also don't forget to open your Old Fish Traps! They're random chests that can give you potions, various gems (HOORAY FOR EGO FOOD!) and you might even be lucky enough to pull the Black Bag Coupon that gives you a bag that nets your 10x17 inventory space while only taking up 2x1 (2 across and 1 high) in your basic inventory.

    (Bag Coupon Disclaimer: Please be sure to possess required space for any bags before using the coupons to avoid the risk of it going into temporary inventory or somehow being dropped.)

    Also, with the Glyphwrighting (spelling?) Talent coming out likely this Thursday, Katherz will be doing a preview for it on the twitch channel on Tuesday, January 19th, at 1PM PST or 4PM EST. There will also be giveaways during the preview, so good luck to those who enter!

    Happy Gaming, Everyone!

  • Events/Sale Heads-Up! 1/14/2021

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're saying farewell to two events and a sale, so let's get started!

    Starting off the events is the Hyper Bingo Event! Make sure you get all your bingo pieces played and collect your prizes! Here's the link for the prizes!

    Hyper Bingo Event:

    Next up is the Helping Hands Event! Make sure you're visiting Ascon and playing music for him to get your last few boxes for the event! Also make sure you talk to the Warm-Hearted Volunteer so you get advancement tickets to pass Dan ranks automatically!

    Helping Hands Event:

    Last heads-up goes to the Black Rose Box! Get some pretty rose-themed items and some enchants! If you want to try for a stack, make sure to pick them up before they're gone!

    Black Rose Box:

    That's all for now, everyone! Here's hoping Part 2 of Hypernova comes out soon! Happy Gaming!

  • Sales Heads-Up! 1/7/2021

    It's that time again, Milletians! This week the only stuff that's ending are the Reforge Sales and the Christmas Sales.

    For the reforge sales, the time for the event to get higher ranked reforges has already passed, but you can still buy them until the maintenance on Thursday.

    Winter Reforge Time:

    For the Christmas Sales 2020, you can still buy a wide variety of outfit bags for discounted prices like the Detective Outfit bag. See the outfits in the link below.

    Christmas Sales 2020:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!

    EDIT: Thank you to Iyasenu for reminding me that the Milletian titles are going away January 7th as well! You'd think we would have kept them until Part 2 comes out, but meh. Hope everyone got a lot of training in! =D