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  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 12/10/2020

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week is a big one because the event ending this week is the Generation Boost Event! So try to do your best to get through the newer content if you haven't done so already while certain parts are nerfed and get some amazing prizes. Also, don't forget to unlock your title progress through Kael so you can get the best you can so you can keep those buffs until January 7th, 2021, which will help during the new G25, which judging by the pre-generation event should be coming to us on the 17th of this month! Don't forget to turn in your Shadow Void Crystals (Lucy) for prizes and to speak to Lucy to get your awesome prizes for beating Generation Quests! Those Dogmas are wonderful, I used mine to unlock the annoying Shield subskills!

    Generation Boost Event:

    The sale ending this week is the Dark Divination Box, so as usual, if you want to play the odds, make sure to pick up a stack before they're gone! List of what you can get and their odds are in the following link~!

    Dark Divination Box:

    That's all for this week's heads-up! I hope everyone's having a nice holiday season while still being safe and healthy. Take care, everyone, and happy gaming!

  • Black Friday Sales Heads-Up! 12/3/2020

    Hey, Milletians, just a short heads-up this week with the only thing ending is the Black Friday sales. Make sure to take advantage of the awesome sales like the VIP which you can get 90 DAYS for a few dollars more than the typical price for 30.

    Black Friday Sales:

  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    I can't read Korean, but is that a Blaanid Support Puppet?! I want everything from this...!

    Wait, what's the with the service icon there?

  • Sale Heads-Up! 11/25/20

    Hey, Milletians, the only thing ending this week is the Steam Engineer Toolbox Gachapon, so if you want to try your luck, do so before they go away with Thursday's maintenance!

    Steam Engineer Toolbox:

    That's all for this week! Happy Gaming and Thanksgiving, everyone!

    WolfsingerRadiant DawnKensamaofmariNegumiko
  • New Website Bugs

    You guys did a great job on the site redesign, but I find how LARGE everything is on the main and 'Read More News' pages a bit too large and in-your-face. I feel like maybe bringing the announcements/events/sales images down in size a bit (maybe 15-25%) could make things better.