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  • Event Heads-up! 10/29/20

    Hey, Milletians, sorry about the late heads-up. Had a bit of chaos irl involving my fridge dying and I got distracted. Anyway the Rock Paper Scissors event is ending! That's it! Get your last games in tonight!

    Rock Paper Scissors event:

    Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • Sale Heads-Up! 10/22/20

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! However, the only thing ending this week is the Deep Sea Merfolk Fishbowl Gachapon! So pick up a stack if you want them before they're gone!

    Deep Sea Merfolk Fishbowl Gacha:

    That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!

  • Event Heads-Up! 10/15/20

    It's that time again, Milletians! Ending this week is the Picnic Gift Event! So make sure to stack your coupons to 15 so you get a picnic blanket and a corgi to sit with! It's super cute! Also, don't forget to make use of your Starbright Potions!

    Picnic Gift Event:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!

  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 10/8/20

    It's that time again, Milletians! This week we're saying goodbye to the Study Event and and the Historian's Old Trunk!

    Regarding the Study Event, make sure you take the time to write out those notes and get those boxes and memos from Siyu! You can get a lot of good Pet Homestead materials quickly and copious amounts of Fynn items! And the GEMS. My Giant's Ego sword must have jumped like 20 levels from this event and from the Experience Fruits, her level in particular has almost hit the point where I'll get the Northern Lights Armor on her (she's not a main). The Memo Pads are also worth 10% Exploration EXP and these pile up quickly. I can easily get to Exploration Level 50 from turning in 500 of them and I still have like 700+... My point is you're getting a lot of good stuff out of this one and you still have a chance to get MORE.

    Study Event:

    Don't forget to pick up a stack for the Historian's Trunk Gacha if you're after any of the equipment. Also, don't forget you get some extra Shadow Mission Crystals when you open them.

    Historian's Old Trunk:

    That's all for this week! Hope everyone's staying safe and healthy! Happy Gaming!

  • I want floof

    I'm hoping to see some re-runs of some pets come the Black Friday sales.