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  • Nao Seasonal Outfits

    It's not a big feature, but I remember when I got VIP that it was neat that I could change Nao's clothes when I gave her new ones. However, what if she got seasonal outfits for various holidays? Like a witch outfit for October and winter clothes for the winter months? Nexon doesn't seem to do a lot with that feature anymore. =(

    Leinei of Nao
  • Historian's Old Trunk

    What is it with Nexon and putting shorts on outfits that should be full-length pants...? -_-
  • Curious question?!

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Kingchaoss wrote: »
    Can you lose your ego weapon during enchanting and the enchant fails?

    Yes, the spirit will fully vanish as well if the weapon disintegrates for any reason, whether it be failing a r6+ Enchant, or failing a Step 6 or 7 Special Upgrade, or other such thing.

    Either transfer the spirit to another weapon temporarily or use protective methods to avoid risking the weapon and spirit's destruction.

  • Event Heads-Up! 7/2/20

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're saying good-bye to the Pet Expedition Event! Make sure to do your last few daily quests and talk to Expedition-van Joe in order to get EXP, a handful of gold and an experience fruit for your pets! Furthermore, if you've done 10 of these daily quests, make sure to collect your Mini Hamster Whistle!

    Mini Hamster Stats:
    Pet Type: Small, Terrestrial, Rat
    Summon Time: 117 Minutes
    Inventory Size: 6x4
    Does not transform
    Cannot be mounted, cannot be dyed

    Pet Expedition Event:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • What would you do if . . .

    Oh, crap. That's a long list.

    1) Overhaul the Cash Shop.
    -Gacha with new outfits would be fine, but then after a month, outfits from said gacha would be given bags and charged accordingly (as well as if they have an animation).
    -Add 1-Day Skill Training Potions of all varieties, including Crusader Skills. The grind is real, folks, and those ten minute potions don't cut it anymore.
    -All Pets in Cash Shop (none of that gacha bonus stuff)
    -Sky's Stars would be a constant thing. Each week would be a stars special, but if no new items were released, they would be attributed to Eweca Orbs.
    -Simon's Bag and Luxury Equipment Bags always available.
    -Mabinogi Merchandise FTW

    2) Update All Older Traits/Outfits. I'm looking at you, low polygon hairstyles.

    3) Update All NPCs to consistent graphics. Best example is Glenis right next to Blaanid. The difference is STARK. Maybe if it's possible, go back and update the graphics of all the generations, at least character wise.

    4) Make the Lia Fall appear in the cut scene where Millia is floating in the air during Saga, or am I the only one who gets this?

    5) Narrowing the range of stats given to weapons/armor/accessories for your rank in a skill where stats are random. Basically, for Magic Craft/Engineering/Blacksmithing, each rank narrows point range of the resulting item. Players who rank the above skills to Dan 3 or Mastering them should not have to worry about getting the LOWEST possible result when creating an item when you're Dan 3 Mastered. The resulting point range should give you 95-100% stats at that point. It's absurd that stats are RANDOM. I'm Dan 3 Mastered in Magic Craft and Engie and it drives me BONKERS when the stats aren't high given all the work I put into get those up.

    6) Keep the current writer and give them a raise.